Week In Review: Goodbye to the PokerCast

We look back on what the poker world was talking about over the last seven days, as well as look forward to the poker week ahead.

What were we talking about?

Social media and the forums were sad to see the announcement of the end of the 2+2 PokerCast, which after more than ten years and millions of downloads has called time this week (rather annoyingly, for the OCD person that I am, on episode 499). 

It's a sad one for me personally because not only was it the first poker podcast I ever heard (and maybe the first podcast I ever heard in general) but it was also where I discovered my long time writing partner and best man at my wedding Jared Tendler when he was on the show. 

It was a pioneer in poker podcasting and probably reflected the serious poker community better than any other broadcast. 

Who were we talking about?

Florian Duta
Florian Duta

The Hendon Mob has a really interesting 'trending' feature to show who the poker world is paying attention and this week it was relative unknown Florian Duta of Romania.

And rightfully so, because he has recorded a back-to-back result that would make big field star Joe Cada jealous. His last two results were beating 2,119 players to take down a Wynn Summer Classic event for $429,161 then he followed that up by beating a record (outside of Vegas) 7,584 players in the Grosvenor Goliath for £101,450

When you consider we are all (rightly) fawning over Justin Bonomo right now for besting fields of about 70, this feat from Duta should not go overlooked. 

What were we watching

While Lex is away there is only one man to watch on Twitch and that is Doug Polk. The fact that he is streaming a low stakes challenge may help his numbers, at least in attracting micro stakes viewers. At the time of writing he has had over 80,000 stream viewers this week and this clip alone has been seen over 10,000 times.

Over on YouTube it seems that most of the biggest hitters like Doug Polk and Daniel Negreanu had quiet weeks, leaving a power vacuum that it appears Live At The Bike's channel has filled. Their video with Jamie Gold looks like it might be the most viewed video of the week in poker:

What to watch out for next week

Lex Veldhuis
Will Lex return to Twitch next week?

It may not be next week, but it will be soon after you read this. Lex Veldhuis should be heading back home from his Asian trip and back streaming. 

So at some point this month, hopefully next week, we will see Lex Veldhuis go up against Doug Polk on Twitch, and it will be fascinating to see who commands the larger audience. 

They both attract a similar demographic and are entertaining in a similar way (in that both men do not really hold back much). Doug is a bit more edgy in what he says, Lex is a bit more visceral in how he reacts to wins and losses, but both streamers wear their hearts on their sleeve. 

My money is on Lex, especially if he has a deep MTT run, but it really could go either way. 

Were you a fan of the PokerCast? Let us know in the comments:

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  • pokerboy198229


    The video's of Lex are great, they are mixed up with a lot of knowledge and the true emotions at the same time