Week In Review: Should we be scared of the DDoS attacks?

We look back at what the poker world was talking about this week and look ahead to the big stories in poker next week.

What were we talking about?

This story could go on for a while yet, but the multiple DDoS attacks faced by PokerStars, partypoker and America's Cardroom is all we have been talking about.

The fact that PowerFest and WCOOP are just around the corner should not be lost on anyone here, often the reason for a DDoS attack is that the culprits are trying to extort money out of the business they are attacking. With hundreds of millions guaranteed in those two series alone, it could be a very costly time for both poker rooms. 

I for one hope the affected poker rooms can work together on this issue, because the biggest poker rooms in the world not being allowed to offer their products helps nobody in the industry. 

Who were we talking about?

We've said it before, we'll say it again no doubt, but Maria Konnikova's story of author turned poker pro (which will become a best-selling book next year) is one of the best shots we have at attracting mainstream media interest in the game. 

This week she was featured in The New York Times and, as a result, was trending in the world of poker and beyond yet again:

What were we watching?

The most watched Twitch stream of the week was the partypoker channel, who hosted the MILLIONS Russia event. However, watch out next week because Lex Veldhuis is back on stream and going head-to-head with Doug Polk's stream.

Speaking of which, this really interesting story from Polk, taken from Twitch but edited for YouTube, is the most watched poker YouTube video of the week so far:

What to watch out for next week

ddos poker

Sorry to go for the obvious, but I have to bookend today's feature with another nod to the recent wave of DDoS attacks. It's not pleasant to contemplate, but the week ahead may feature the sites being attacked again, or other networks being impacted by further DDoS attacks. 

It seems self-evident that it's the same group of attackers involved in all the attacks, so in that respect we have a shot at this being cleared up before WCOOP and PowerFest, but if more attacks happen in the lead up to those series it will be a very nervous time for online poker in general. 

In particular a swift resolution to this story would be very welcome for partypoker, who have that massive $20 million guaranteed online tournament at the end of the year. 

Where you impacted by the DDoS attacks? Let us know in the comments:

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