Week In Review: We all think it's easy to fold KK

We recap the biggest stories, the most watched videos and the topics everybody was talking about this week in poker.

What were we talking about?

There is nothing like the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event to get people who were nowhere near to it criticising the way the hands were played. This week it was a particularly brutal hand to set up the final table:

So naturally we all now think we could fold Kings in this spot, or at least that is what the poker Twittersphere and forums seem to think:

Obviously it's a really interesting spot and fascinating from an ICM perspective, but give Labat his due he really had to think about it. 

Who were we talking about?

Sorry folks, it was Phil Hellmuth again, for the second week in a row. 

What can you say about the Poker Brat other than he is one of the few people who can go from this.....

....to this in just a few days:

What were we watching?

This was a bit of a surprise but beating Lex and all the WSOP streams this week was ALOHADANCETV who normally streams games like Warcraft but has recently turned his hand to poker, bringing with him his prexisting gaming audience, which can only be good for the game:

Elsewhere on YouTube and once again featuring the Poker Brat, this video from Doug Polk already has over 150,000 views:

What to look out for next week

wsop one drop

All that will be left of the World Series of Poker will be the poker community learning more about who our new champion is and then the culmination of the $1 million Big One for One Drop. 

Speaking of the most watched videos in poker, no doubt whatever the biggest cooler of that tournament is will go viral because it is also a $1 million buy-in event, it's a very easy sell to a mass audience when the stakes are that high. 

After which we can look forward to a month of poker player holiday pictures on Instagram.

What were your poker highlights this week? Let us know in the comments:

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  • NatRPheM


    I guess I am against the norm, I would call there all day with chip advantage in the hand, second best starting hand, unless the players in the hand both were ULTRA nits.

    Either I knock both players out, I knock one player out, cause surely they don't both have aces, like ever or I win a hefty sidepot, The shorter player gets knocked out by the bigger player and I am at the final table or worst case scenario which is highly unlikely is that the short player wins the hand and the other player beats me and I am short. I will take that risk all day, every day with KK here and I expect to profit MASSIVELY long term.
  • mktpppr


    hi labat
  • NatRPheM


    Hello Sheep #1724