What can Daniel Negreanu do to fix high stakes poker?

We recap some of the best poker videos of the week including plenty of high stakes poker, tips from Kevin Hart and Doug Polk bossing Crypto.

Dear Daniel Negreanu

We start with Joe Ingram and a plea to PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu to help him fix the current state of high stakes online games:

Negreanu replies, and more

KidPoker's podcast is back and as well as hockey, the PCA, Crypto and more, he also addresses the subject raised by Ingram:

Hart's How To

Speaking of High Stakes, here is a guy you really want in them, with some comical tips on how to play the game. Check out our interview with Kevin Hart from yesterday:

$250k pot with Bill and Antonio

This week Poker After Dark on PokerGo held a week of high stakes cash games, which mostly featured Bill Perkins and Antonio Esfandiari duking it out in pots like this:

Big win for Jeff

Jeff Gross is crushing it on Twitch and YouTube right now and this week had one of his biggest streamed wins ever:

Polk outs the Crypto scammers

Finally, in case you missed it, on his other YouTube channel Doug Polk was one of the few to call out a potential ponzi scheme by Bitconnect which appears to have been vindicated, the details for which are here:

Who are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments:

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Comments (6)

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  • lila28


    Increase rake obviously
  • CucumbaMan


    Antonio had a pretty good read. I do not like the other guys laughing so histerically. It's not sportsmanlike or so...
  • PocketAcesJohn


    Obviously Reverse the VIP changes is a good start. If they are +EV with Bonuses they are more likely to play in -EV games. But with it being a flat 4-8% why play a break-even or small -ev game? If there was still SuperNova Elite the RB still provides a good earning.
  • PocketAcesJohn


    Also make High Stakes Rake Free games and use the games for Marketing....
  • PocketAcesJohn


    Funny enit...Take away the good days 27%rb FT, 30% RB UB, Supernova Elite and then the game environment changes. The site owners are to blame.
  • Xander188


    @PocketAcesJohn the site owners only care about profit, they don't care anymore of the grinders who generated those huge amounts of rake and brought the platform where it is today. They got bets and slots and want recreational players who if lose at poker will find other fun ways to spend some money :)