What is the new poker 'Triple Crown'?

With six players winning the Triple Crown, what is the next big poker accolade that the poker elite should be trying to claim?

Harrison Gimble WSOP 2017

As poker matures and becomes more widespread, records get broken. There was once a time that pundits like myself thought nobody would ever win a Triple Crown but not only have six players* managed that, as well as other variations of the Triple Crown, but two players managed it in a two week period this Summer (Harrison Gimble and Mohsin Charania).

Last year the WSOP cashes record stood at 13 and now it stands at 16 with the potential to be broken again (but the bigger story there is obviously who has broke it).

Records are meant to be broken, but with so many accolades already claimed, I often wonder what the next big target is for those in poker who want to be immortalised. The Triple Crown was once the Holy Grail, it is still very impressive but it no longer turns heads like it did, so what will in the future?

The next bracelet milestone?

Hellmuth bracelets poker
More bracelets, rather than a mix of disciplines?

My first thoughts turned towards bracelets. I wrote earlier this Summer that there was a certain ‘poker purists’ appeal to being able to win at all the games in poker, so I wondered if a player might ever win an individual bracelet in every single discipline played in the Player’s Championship (rather than just a Mixed Game bracelet). Nobody is even close to that and I don’t think it will ever happen, simply because there are not enough events every year for anyone to have a realistic shot at it.

Likewise, I just don’t think it will ever happen that we have somebody win two post-poker boom Main Events, the numbers just make it near impossible (though we did have a guy come ninth twice, so what do I know?).

I think I’ll play it safe and say the poker elite should be punting to become the first player to win four bracelets in a series. Six players have managed three in a year, and with the number of bracelet events both in Vegas, online and the rest of the world increasing every year, it does seem inevitable (This is why Chris Ferguson has smashed the single year cashes record, there are more events to cash in).

The Grand Slam

Mohsin Charania WSOP 2017
Mohsin Charania

One of the small reasons the Triple Crown seems less special is because the EPT has rebranded to the PokerStars Championship. While everyone agrees it still counts as a Triple Crown event, just a tiny bit of historical significance has been lost. Some may say the next accolade is winning an EPT and a PokerStars Championship event, but we’ve already had a double-EPT winner and that is a closed category as there are no more EPTs.

The next evolution of the Triple Crown has to be what I presume will be called the Grand Slam, which is a WSOP, WPT, EPT/PokerStars Championship title AND a partypoker LIVE title. It may be too early to class this new tour as the fourth elite poker title but the players love them, the numbers are impressive, the fields are tough and the prizes are big.

We should probably give it a year before it becomes official, but the tour already looks like a success and a long term project for partypoker, so I don’t see how this doesn't become the next big part of the poker Grand Slan.

Online and Live consistency

Chris Moorman WSOP 2017
Is it time for an accolade for beating both forms of poker?

My final suggestion for poker’s next big accolade is hazy and broad, but go with me, I think you’ll agree and you’ll probably have some better suggestions for it than me. The divide between online and live poker is smaller than it ever has been and every serious player does both, in similar measure. Good live players are often good online players, and vice versa.

It’s about time that the next big accolade reflected that. There is already a ‘PokerStars Grand Slam’ yet to be claimed (WCOOP, SCOOP, TCOOP & Sunday Million), maybe there could be a combined online and live Grand Slam? Maybe the PokerStars Grand Slam could also feature a PokerStars Championship, for example? Or a new accolade is made for somebody with one of each COOP and the traditional Triple Crown?

The possibilities are endless. I also thought a really enticing proposition would be a ‘leaderboard double’, going to the player who has at some time been the PocketFives and the Global Poker Index Player of the Year. Or the WCOOP and WSOP Player of the Year. This I think really could be interesting because maybe more than any other accolade, it’s the ultimate mark of consistency.

Like I said, the possibilities are endless, so I’d love to get your thoughts in the comments what you think the next big poker accolade should be?

*Some people dispute Davidi Kitai’s inclusion as a Triple Crown winner because he won his WPT title in a closed event.

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