What it feels like to win a $70,000 Spin & Go

Our member 'SayagoJe' didn't know he was playing for x10,000 his buy-in right away, find out what it was like to score a life-changing payday.

SayagoJe SpinLegends
SayagoJe and his poker set-up.

PokerStrategy.com: Introduce yourself, please.

SayagoJe: Hi everybody! I’m Jennier Omar Sayago, from Venezuela and I started playing $0.25 Spins, and now I’m mixing $7s and $15s.

PokerStrategy.com: When did you start playing poker?

SayagoJe: I started in January 2016. I felt attracted by the game’s dynamics and I have been studying since. I had good results from the beginning, so that motivated me to keep on working my game.

PokerStrategy.com: And you recently won a $70K Spin. What were your thoughts when you saw the figure on the wheel?

SayagoJe: It’s funny, the skin I’m using does not allow you to see the wheel… I only saw that the background colour was yellow, so I thought it was a x100. Besides, due to the awful connection we have in Venezuela I lost like the first three hands. I almost had a heart attack when I saw it was a x10,000. Then quickly my mind moved onto thinking about the 20K Spins I’ve played since I started at SpinLegends, how everything was going to be defined at that very moment and that I should remain calm because I had learnt a lot, I just had to focus.

"Learn to exploit your opponents"


PokerStrategy.com: Were there any key hands that stuck out?

SayagoJe: Blinds: 10/20. I had AhQh on the BB. BU limps and SB completes; at that moment I decide to play differently because if I bet 60 or 70 and BU shoves I would have to fold. So I checked, flop comes 2h5h3d and SB bets 40 chips and I only pay with flush draw and straight, BU pays as well. Turn comes with 7h completing my flush. SB bets 20 chips on a pot of 160, I raise to 66 and BU goes all in, I pay and my opponent shows Th9h, that’s how I got the advantage.

PokerStrategy.com: How did you tell your family and friends?

SayagoJe: It was 10:40, as soon as I won I jumped in the swimming pool screaming like a kid, ha, ha, ha. My mother was the first one I told and got really happy to see that my effort and work had resulted in that huge reward.

PokerStrategy.com: Why did you decide to join SpinLegends?

SayagoJe: I wanted to improve and I saw a news about SpinLegends.

PokerStrategy.com: How do you think your game improved since you joined the school?

SayagoJe: That’s a tough question, I have learnt to think and set ranges during a hand, also that it is essential to learn how to exploit your opponents.

PokerStrategy.com: Thanks a lot and good luck with the next big Spin.

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  • rog011


    “I started in January 2016”

    Mother of god
  • zajcur


    I'm not surprised he mixes 7/15s after almost 2y of grinding if he xback AQs on BB in 3way :D
  • imgoingtomirage


    He started playing poker in 2016. Joined SpinLegends this year.