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Meet the guys who help our members climb to the highest stakes and what learn new Spin & Go grinders need the most help with.

How many people are you working with right now?


rebel: In the Italian department we have around 70 players in the Gold team and 40 in the Diamond team. Every lesson is recorded so everybody is able to see the coachings even if they are not present in the live webinar. I'd say that the average number of people attending the live coaching is between 15 to 25, it depends a bit on when we schedule the coachings and the days of the week.

xxSTEPANxx: In Russia we have more than 50 players, counting only our Gold and Diamond teams, with 1/3 of this number going to the Diamond coachings. There’s also our Silver team with approximately 50 players. So, overall, you can say we have more than 100 players in our stable. We have seven coachings per week: four for the Gold team and three for the Diamond team (Six of those are mine). 

Epistokrat: Hard to say, as our English team is constantly growing and I additionally started teaching in the Russian Spin Legends community, it is probably around 150 students at the moment.

What do new SpinLegends students struggle with the most?


xxSTEPANxx: After more than a year of working with the Russian team at SpinLegends, we’ve gathered a heap of learning content. Of course, the sheer volume of it may cause some confusion among our new Gold team members, and it takes some time to get into the process. At this stage, the most important thing is to get yourself to work and study hard on your own. It’s hard to succeed otherwise.

willyss: Our students who come from other formats struggle to change their style in order to play many hands with ranges totally different from those to which they are accustomed. Even the students who come from Spins must face a totally different dimension, with a much less nitty base than they are used to.

rebel: Speaking about most common problems, a few players have some mindset issues, some don't play enough, some struggle a bit on playing their A game for a long time and maybe they play a bit too much on their B game.

Our members can attend lots of webinars every week

Epistokrat: It depends, so for the beginners group (Silver level) we developed some very basic strategies that are highly profitable vs the population of players. The low stakes are beatable with just following this strategy strictly. At the higher stakes (Gold level) players have to focus a lot on the exploitive adjustments against the individual opponents using statistics and Bayesian estimation to integrate this empirical data. For the Diamond level, we rely a lot on studying GTO play so we can get an edge on other strong regulars.

coffeeyay: The biggest leaks are proper defence versus bets and understanding correct bluffing situations. I use a combination of game review, hand review and theory to address these leaks. Users have their play reviewed as well as having access to a giant content library that lets them explore individual spots, specific theory concepts, and other members’ game reviews. I found this to be a great method for finding underlying leaks as well as fixing systematic ones.

What do established members struggle with once they get to higher stakes?


rebel: When you arrive at the mid stakes you'll start to meet decent regs, that's for sure the biggest issue when you move up from the low stakes. At the €25 Spins you can earn a solid salary every month and for obvious reasons the game gets more difficult. You need to work more on your leaks and figure out the regs' mistakes and how to exploit them.

If you want to have great results you really need to work a lot on your A game, find the best hours to grind and table select a bit. If two or three tables are full of regs, no matter how good you are, you will probably make more money on a lower stake. This is the exact reason why I like to mix €50s and €100s, but this can be applied to any stake.

xxSTEPANxx: It’s all about merging different concepts. We have strategies against recreational players, against weaker regulars and against stronger ones. When studying strong players, we get lots of new information, and it’s important to know whether this info can be applied against them in certain spots.

What do you think are the most effective ways to learn?


rebel: One of my favourite types is, no doubt, the spot review. We decide a topic and we see through the students database how did they play that kind of spot.

Let's say for example we want to go deep on "how to defend against river probes or delayed c-bets", we open PT4 and we start to analyse the students we have in the live session.

We see how a specific student plays a spot and we teach them what's wrong and what's right. If we are looking at the river probe we are discussing also the flop and the turn so we'll end up covering a lot of arguments in one single lesson.

Doing this we achieve two things: we directly fix the leaks of the student we're analysing and we also teach everyone how to play that spot with different type of hands.

People get bored if you always do the same thing, this is the reason why we do live plays, GTO-study and review (mainly for Diamond members), motivational lessons and much more.

willyss: The best thing in order to learn is to follow live coachings, where you can interact directly with coaches and ask questions about a topic at the same moment you are dealing with. Also the videos are useful, as we have a very large library, that covers any topic and spot.

Epistokrat: Whenever you watch a video, stop the video and think about the spot BEFORE the coach gives you the solution. It is easy to say , "yes I would have played the same" in hindsight. Totally different if you have to make the decision a priori. Also letting a coach look over your played hands has high marginal utility, the benefit of your first sessions are huge here.

xxSTEPANxx:You can’t get anywhere without working on your own. Besides that, there should also be analysis of your stats by our coaches, including analysis of difficult spots based on the hands you’ve played.

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