Winamax mistakenly gifts player €1.5m

French online poker site Winamax accidentally gives player a more than generous bonus.


When French online poker player, Le-requin34 logged in for a game recently he received something of a shock when he discovered his bankroll was an extra €1,546,522.16 higher than he expected.

It transpires that the money, which was sent in error at the beginning of February, had occurred as a result of a member of the Winamax team clumsily typing in a part of player's unique ID number ‘1546634’ instead of the vastly inferior sum of €1.82, which the player had actually won.

After a week passed, the ever alert team at Winamax finally caught on to the missing €1.5 million and, after tracking down the fortunate Frenchman, locked down his account before an email exchange ensued. 

Rejected offers of resolution


Over those seven days Le-requin34 had gambled away €3,000 of his windfall on the site as well as withdrawing €9,000 in cash. Despite the fact that the player opted to keep, play with and lose some of his fraudulent sum, Winamax officials made the more than fair offer to write off the €3,000 losses but asked him to return the €9,000 he withdrew. As a gesture of apology on their part, they even offered to credit his account with a further €1,000.

While many would be happy with that outcome and draw a line under events, Le-requin34 feels strangely hard done by and is, by all accounts, hoping to retain the €9,000. Arguing that the money was rewarded to him fairly, he is even prepared to take the matter to court, where he must be hoping his lucky man streak continues.

Is Le-requin34 out of order and if you were so lucky would you keep the money?

Peter Fryers

Peter Fryers

One part sports betting, one part casino and one part poker, Pete is a journalist and online gaming content writer from the team's UK community.

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Comments (18)

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  • w34z3l


    Basically he has probably already spent the money and is now in a difficult spot. So he might feel hard done by, but the bottom line is that he should have reported the issue to winamax immediately and he has essentially stolen money.
  • BarryCarter


    IMO Winamax have been pretty sporting about all this
  • BarryCarter


    Lucky for Winamax this wasn't Erick Lindgren's account
  • MrPink578


    These are tricky situations. I've heard about similar things happening with banks and stuff. I'll be interested to see how this all ends.

    And lol at that Lindgren joke. Pretty funny.
  • Varune


    chipdump all the moneyyyyyy
  • BarryCarter


    I (genuinely) found myself in a similar situation once, a famous player logged into his Betfair account and left it logged on with £300,000 staring at me.

    Cliffs: I pussied out right away, told him and logged out. He never even thanked me.
  • BarryCarter


    Oh wait I can say who it was, it was Andrew Feldman, the one who cried because he couldn't get a glass of water.
  • RO4life


    I've heard the Andrew Feldman story on different communities so many times for last 3 or 4 years. Mostly from people who where covering the live reporting from festivals.
  • quakes2


    Wow, you're a saint BarryCarter, what morals.
  • Jaissica


    How does this clown figure to fight this in court? What a looneytoon.
  • NatRPheM


    Would alert them straight away, I don't want anything I haven't earned. It's easy to understand something has gone wrong when that happens to you, it's not a guessing game, you're just a self centered scum if you claim to not understand there was a mistake. I am not sure, but I guess legally he hasn't done anything wrong getting the money and unless there is a law against not reporting.. unfortunately I think he has a case in this idiotic world we live in.
  • Hesticus


    Indeed difficult. On the one hand, incredibly stupid. On gambling sites there are tons of promotions and one could really think they had a jackpot, which could cause also mental damage. I would definitely talk to a lawyer but most probably my senses would come up eventually and give it back but not without a compensation for the mental harm they caused.
  • SPeedFANat1c


    I had situation with bank once. There was probably banknote put in wrong places in ATM. So when you order 20, you get 50 in Litas currency. It was something like that. There was maybe 15 people who were cashing out because of this error and were partying in dorm.
    I was thinking - probably this might not end very well, but still wanted free money because it gives. So I took maybe like 50 euros "profit" so it would be not too much if smth goes wrong.
    But later from bank they called and asked if they can reduce the money from the account which I took too much. I agreed and thats it. But actually it was not so much money, why could not they let me have them :( Its a bank, they have tons of money and profit.
    Also I head some people who used some cards from another bank, they had no problems. But its not prove, its just what I heard.
  • Jaissica


    Sometimes you need to remember that it isn't always the business that suffers predominantly from the error. By agreeing to give that money back you may have been part of saving the ATM operator's job; by giving money back to a bar staffer who gave you the wrong change, you often prevent them having to replace it themselves.
  • jmm88


    #15, i agree with you, its painful to have 1.5 millions a then nothing left, but the rigth thing to do, its to give back the money, the company don't loose all his money, but a employee surely lost his job.
  • SPeedFANat1c


    company is also doing it wrong. It has to be some confirmation when adding such big money for nothing. I mean I do not even understand how it was possible to add such bonus if that bonus does not exist in any bonus program? There really should have been validation.
  • SPeedFANat1c


    #Jaissica - yea, it might be that operator might need to pay, otherwise operators could always put wrong money and then ask some person to cashout :)
    but its like winning a lottery and then they tell me to give money back. It just feels bad.
  • xxnub


    If you read terms of allmost any site than you will see that they own your ass :( and if this matter goes to the court I think he will loose even more