iPoker to Split into Two Networks?

According to information posted on Pokerfuse, the iPoker network plans on ring-fencing its top skins from the rest of the network. This move is supposedly planned to take place within the next two months.

ipoker networkAn article posted by Pokerfuse on Thursday said that iPoker network's top poker rooms in terms of liquidity are considering  separating their player pools from the rest of the network.

Should this come into effect, it would mean that there will be two different networks, with player pools completely independent from one another and no tables being shared. This is already happening with players on bet365, who are playing on tables separated from the iPoker network.

According to the article, the poker rooms to separate themselves from the main network include William Hill, Titan Poker, bet365, Betfred and paddypowerpoker, who make up most of the traffic on the iPoker network. It is not yet clear if the mentioned poker rooms are the only ones joining the ring-fenced liquidity pool.

Pokerfuse's source mentioned that if the deal is approved, the change could happen the next two months. However, PokerStrategy.com heard from an anoymous source that this move could actually happen in March.

We have attempted to contact involved parties but have not yet received a response. We will keep you up to date on the PokerStrategy.com website as this story develops - stay tuned!

by vhallee

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Comments (14)

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  • Tarhonya


    The worst poker network getting even worse.
  • EmanuelC16


    I think this split makes sense. The big skins spend money on adverts and bring in fish to the poker tables while less popular skins give away big flat RB deals and bring in a bunch of regulars, bots and colluders.
  • Tim64


    #2, Prolly right, but I guess the games will get tougher unless the less popular skins really have more regs than fish, which is unlikely.
  • JohanRember


    #1 why is it the worst poker network? I agree that the software is not perfect, but there are still fish from the sportbooks no?
  • EmanuelC16


    #3: I think reg:fish ratio is worse on smaller, really shady skins that offer high flat RB rates. I could be wrong, that's speaking from just a bit of cash game experience on iPoker, nothing else.
  • josopdebos


    They want to get rid of the small skins that only advertise on RB sites to get rid of the skins that offer big rakeback deals where only grinders play. So that would mean there will be less regulars, fish will enjoy the game more, no rb deals (officially) etc.
  • josopdebos


    Kind of like ongame2 but then seperate network.
  • Gerovit


    Yes like above mentioned, "reputable skins" does not offer flat deals...
  • wasy8


    #8 untrue, at least one of those skins does offer a flat deal to players. i won't say which one though.
  • GetARealJob


    iv been offered flat deals on 2 of those sites from an affialite so there not exactly legitimate
  • Avatars91


    The number of players already was catastrophically low. I mean, come on...
  • noisecore


    #11 who cares if regs go away? I don't?

    #10 those deals come from affiliates most of the time and are under the table, not advertised ones.
  • GetARealJob


    U misunderstand me I think that this is great for all us regs not playing on shady skins with utt deals all those players dissapear leaving more room for fish
  • AKM247


    #12 +1 Reputable skins will not offer rb deals and IF they are it's either affiliates talking nonsense or they shouldnt be and it won't last.