partypoker MILLIONS to remove re-entries

Bucking an industry trend the 2019 MILLIONS Main Events will be pure freezeouts with a single Day 1, according to a blog by Rob Yong.

Rob Yong
Rob Yong

Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker LIVE boss Rob Yong has penned a new blog where he announced his vision for the 2019 MILLIONS Main Events. 

Yong is getting frustrated with re-entry events and was very forthcoming with his thoughts on them: 

I've probably stopped re-entry at DTD at least 5 times in the past few years, only to give in to player moans. I get it, we had re-buys, then freezeouts and now re-entry + Day 2 buy-in. But, I remember playing the original EPTs, the excitement sitting down at the start with hundreds of other hopefuls and famous faces, hearing ‘shuffle up and deal’ – the relief when I swerved an opponent’s nut flush draw, knocking out a top pro and him really being ‘out’, the feeling of accomplishment making day 2, chatting at the bar with friends about all the hands I played and the anticipation of getting a good table draw on Day 2. Apart from the WSOP Main Event, most players don’t experience this nowadays, you can wander in anytime and register, if you have deep pockets or are staked you don’t worry about busting, and you can easily make Day 2 – just skip Day 1 and buy-in on Day 2! You don’t often get seated with a famous player as they tend to late reg, sometimes you can start with less than 10% of the field, and it must be soul destroying to bust Fedor Holz and have to bust him again...and again!

So as a result, the 2019 MILLIONS festivals (the schedule for which is expected this month), will look something like this:

  • 10K buy-in, 5M – 10M guarantee
  • 60% of the field will be qualifiers
  • Freezeout, reduced late registration
  • One Day 1 only
  • 200BBs (possible double chance option where players can take 100BBs at the start)

This goes against the current ethos in tournament poker where the majority of major live events now include a re-entry option. Indeed, last week's UK MILLIONS Main Event allowed up to eight re-entries spread over three Day 1s and Day 2. 

It also touches on a wider concern in tournament poker that re-entries vastly favour the pro players who can easily afford them and makes the game near impossible for recreational players. 

Do you like this move? Let us know in the comments:

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  • OldSchoolPapa


    Money always goes to money. If you have 10$ and play against someone who does have a billion $ until one of you bust. Who do you think will win ? No matter the maths , strategy or whatever ... That's why a good BRM is necessary when you play poker or do any kind of investment. Of course if you have billions you don't care much about a good BRM ... Poker like Life has nothing to do with Justice , Fairness it's always been and will always be like this ...
  • deralte71


    I liked the Fedor Holz part😂