partypoker remove rake on bounties in PKOs

A welcome change for MTT grinders as you now stand to win more for every elimination.

party pko

PKO tournaments have quickly become very popular for recreational players and pros alike, and partypoker have just as quickly established itself as the home of PKOs. 

In February their Sunday Main Event was a PKO, they also have three dedicated KO festivals this year and run over 350 PKOs every week. 

Now they have announced that from May 6 they will no longer be taking rake on the bounty element of PKOs, they will only take one standard MTT rake. This means the new changes will be in place for the start of PowerFest

The total buy-in for these new events will be the same, but the rake lower, meaning more money in the prize pool. The money saved will be added to the bounty aspect of the prize pool, with some examples below:

party PKO

This is not a permanent change, it will run as a trial for six months with a view to implementing it permanently. 

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  • nutural


    and so it begins... very interesting to see the elasticity of players and if all these posts and comments will drive behavioural change or ... they are just words.