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Whether you want to improve your multi-table skills with TableNinja 2, scan the poker tables for weak opponents with Table Scanner 2, improve your SNG skills with SitNGo Wizard, keep track of things with NoteCaddy or if you want to finally get rid our your biggest leaks with Leak Buster: The Hold'em Manager apps are a great extension to your Hold'em Manager 2 kit and will definitely be added value for your poker game.

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NoteCaddyThe key to winning at poker is knowing your opponents and understanding their thought processes to think on a level above them. Online, when your opponents are faceless and numerous, it can become impossible to keep track of individual player tendencies.

Taking notes is invaluable in this instance, since they tell you more than just stats. That can become difficult with multiple tables running, so NoteCaddy does the job for you.

With more than 170 automated note types generated from hands played against opponents, this app will automatically colour code and categorise opponents so you don't have to.

For multi-tablers looking to gain an edge that a simple HUD cannot provide, this is the tool you need to add to your arsenal.

NoteCaddy is available at $74.77. The free version allows you to create 7 free note types on your database.

NoteCaddy ProToolsCheck our partner "NoteCaddy ProTools" for addons and extensions on NoteCaddy with advanced statistics and popups, automatic text note creation, and professional gameplay/database analysis for Notecaddy.

Table Scanner 2

Table Scanner 2Table Scanner 2 works in conjunction with Hold'em Manager to scan the lobbies of poker rooms to find the biggest fish from your database. One quick scan can reunite you with the biggest losing players from your previous sessions and even reserve you a place on their table.

You can also apply custom filters to search for specific types of tables and players. For example, if you like playing against very loose players, you can look for them specifically, likewise you can use this tool to find, and avoid, the tables with the really tough winning players sat at them.

Game selection is one of the single most important aspects of profitable poker and this tool is a must for any cash game player looking to find the best games.

Table Scanner 2 is available for free up to the limits $0.05/$0.10 at local scan. You can purchase it from $14.99 per month.

You can try Table Scanner 2 for free for 60 days.

TableNinja 2

TableNinja 2TableNinja 2 is the must-have tool for anyone who plays a significantly high amount of tables. Just about every problem multi-tablers encounter is catered for in TableNinja 2, including automating betting amounts, highlighting tables that require action next, opening & closing tables, and sitting out on all your tables at once.

TableNinja 2 will allow you to multi-table much more efficiently and to focus more on the action than ever before. TableNinja 2 is recommended for anyone who plays more than 4 tables at any one time.

Please note it is currently only available for use on PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and PartyPoker.

TableNinja 2 is available from $4.99 per month.

You can try TableNinja 2 for free for 30 days.

SitNGo Wizard 2

SitNGo Wizard 2SitNGo Wizard 2 is a product that allows you to study Independent Chip Models (ICM) so you can make correct shoves and folds in the bubble stages of SNGs.

The end game stages of an SNG are crucial, because you will find yourself having to make decisions for your tournament life with one place left to go before the money.

Not only does SitNGo Wizard allow you to calculate whether or not you made the right decision, it also has an interactive quiz element to test you even further in a variety of circumstances.

SitNGo Wizard 2 is available at $99.

You can try SitNGo Wizard 2 for free for 30 days.

Leak Buster

NoteCaddyHold'em Manager is one of the most revolutionary tools in the game because it allows you to analyse your own game. But with so much information available to study, a lot of players find it overwhelming and do not know where to start.

Leak Buster is a tool that makes studying your game much easier. Leak Buster extrapolates all the most significant stats from your HEM database and points out where you are losing the most money and how to correct those mistakes. It allows you to filter by just about every criterion you can imagine including table position, session time, street by street analysis, number of players in the pot, and much more.

This tool is a real must for advanced players looking to exploit small edges, and less experienced players hoping to avoid making the common mistakes we all make as we are learning.

Leak Buster is available from $59.99