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*The Small Stakes version tracks all Hold'em or Omaha hands up to $0.10/$0.25 No Limit/Pot Limit and $0.25/$0.50 Fixed Limit as well as Sit & Go and multi-table tournaments up to $11 buy-in. The Pro version tracks hands from all limits. Branding

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If you try or purchase Hold'em Manager 2 via our link above you will be able to download an exclusive, custom branded version of the program.

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About Hold'em Manager 2 & Omaha Manager 2

Hold'em Manager 2 is one of the most powerful tracking and HUD (heads-up display) software available for online poker players.

Hold'em Manager 2 or Omaha Manager 2 will import your hand history files in real time as you play (on all Hold'em or Omaha cash/tournament tables) and store them in a database.

This allows you to track your progress and bankroll, find leaks in your game and analyse hand histories after the fact. Hold'em Manager 2's best features include:

Statistics are the main feature and benefit of Hold'em Manager 2. After HM2 imports your online poker hand histories, you are able to view hundreds of statistics related to both your own playing style and that of your opponents, based on all the hands that you have played.

Holdem Manager 2 HUD menu

The Heads-up Display, or "HUD", is the most recognisable and arguably most useful feature of Hold'em Manager 2. Using the hand histories imported, HM2 will display your choice of statistics on your opponents at the table in real-time, allowing you to deduce player tendencies at a glance.

Filters are available within the software, allowing you to narrow down the many hands in your database to look at, for example, only hands in which you were raised on the turn or only hands in which you 3-bet preflop. This allows you to compile reports on your play and analyse your leaks in almost any given situation.

The hand replayer plays back any hand in your database in graphical form from the blinds to the river. It includes your statistics and player notes when replaying the hand, which allows you to review your session and go over difficult spots with ease.

Widgets allow you to expand your knowledge with Hold'em Manager 2 tutorials and strategy videos, including those from coaches!

Hold'em Manager supports all of's partner rooms.

Hold'em Manager 2 & Omaha Manager 2 Apps

Both Hold'em Manager 2 and Omaha Manager 2 come with the option of installing additional applications that can help your poker game. For an overview of what applications are available and how you can utilise them, see below:

TableNinja 2

TableNinja 2 poker software

TableNinja 2 is designed to make the multi-tabling experience easier, with automatic bet sizing settings and customisable hotkeys plus more.

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Table Scanner 2

Table Scanner 2 poker software

Table Scanner 2 works with HM2 to scan the lobbies of poker clients, allowing to find certain player or table types immediately.

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Note Caddy

Note Caddy poker software

Note Caddy automatically documents your opponents' tendencies with over 170 automated and customisable notes.

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Leak Buster

Leak Buster poker software

Leak Buster makes it easier to study and analyse your own game by using your database of hands to identify the spots in which you are losing money.

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SitNGo Wizard

SitNGo Wizard poker software

SitNGo Wizard is a vital tool for SnG players, easily for those who are calculating the expected value of your plays against your opponent's range.

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Tilt Breaker

Tilt Breake poker software

Tilt Breaker is a feature for players who struggle psychologically, with several fail-safes to prevent tilt losing you chips.

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Getting started with HM2

Hold'em Manager 2 analyses and presents a large amount of data. While it can appear to be quite overwhelming, the interface is very user-friendly and the large amount of options and filters available means that it's always easy to find what you are looking for in your database.

Hold'em Manager 2 main menu
The Hold'em Manager 2 menu, with widgets including poker news and videos from
Hold'em Manager 2 HUD hand analysis
The Hold'em Manager 2 HUD in action in the hand replayer for hand analysis.
Hold'em Manager 2 active session window
The active session window documents your current session and recent hands in depth.
Hold'em Manager 2 graphs: showdown/non-showdown winnings and all-in EV
When you're done you can see your graph, showdown/non-showdown winnings and all-in EV.
Hold'em Manager 2 analyse your hand histories
Analyse your opponents in detail with your hand histories and Hold'em Manager's software.
Hold'em Manager 2 filter settings
A comprehensive range of filters allows you to narrow down and pinpoint your leaks.

Having problems?

If you are having problems with Hold'em Manager 2 or Omaha Manager 2, whether it be with the usage of the software or installation difficulties, or indeed if you just want some hints and tricks on how to get the most out of HM2, please visit our forums with your enquiry.

Forum: Hold'em Manager 2

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