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What is HoldemResources Calculator?

HoldemResources Calculator is a learning and analysis tool for Texas Hold'em tournaments, especially for the late game.

You can analyse played tournament hands from your Hold'em Manager or PokerTracker database and improve your future decision-making to make more profit in tournaments.

  • Nash Equilibrium approximations for push/fold and raise/reraise play
  • Develop an unexploitable tournament game
  • Flexible, fully editable ranges
  • Resteal/reraise calculations
  • Quick analysis of entire sessions
  • Convenient hand import from HM1, HM2, PT3 and PT4
  • Additional equity models (ICM, Weitzman, FGS)
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Who should use HoldemResources Calculator?

Prepare a push/fold hand analysisHoldemResources Calculator is a tool for both beginner and advanced Sit & Go/multi-table tournament players.

Beginner players can use it to get used to the mathematics and theories behind tournament games.

Advanced players will be able to develop a "perfect" unexploitable game, improve their ranges and analyse moves besides push/fold decisions.

The tool will not prevent wrong conclusions from the analysis.

It will help you to learn and understand your tournament game much better.

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Basics: ICM and Nash

Check the Equity of hand ranges.To get the most out of HoldemResources Calculator, you should be familiar with ICM (Independent Chip Modeling) and the Nash Equilibrium (named for the famous mathematician John Nash).

ICM weighs the tournament chips during a tournament against their actual cash value.

A Nash Equilibrium is a situation in which each player is playing the optimal game against one another, leading to an eventual stalemate. In poker, it represents the 'unexploitable' strategy against your opponent.

Download HoldemResources Calculator for free now

Strengths of HoldemResources Calculator

With its Nash Ranges, HoldemResources provides a perfect tactical basis from which you will only deviate if you want to exploit your villains game.

Each range is calculated flexibly by not only looking at the stack sizes, but also on the equity of each hand against villain's range.

This way you are able to improve your decision-making in the future and find leaks in your game which you probably were not aware of.

Download HoldemResources Calculator for free now


  • Windows, Mac OS X or Linux
  • Java 6 or higher (Optionally included in download)
  • 1GB available RAM
  • 200MB free disk space

SNG/Tournament strategy

To get the most out of HoldemResources Calculator, you should take a look into our strategy section and (if you're a Silver member) check out the Nash Ranges for Push or Fold play.

Strategy: SNG tournaments

Strategy: Nash Ranges for the Push or Fold play (Silver+)

Having problems?

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