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What does ICMIZER 2 do?

ICMIZER 2 is a modern and visually attractive 3-in-1 tournament training software which includes ICMIZER 2 Basic, a SNG Push/Fold coach (SNG Coach) and an advanced Replayer.

  • Learn to improve your pre-flop strategy in tournament spots
  • Learn how to resteal and react to resteals properly
  • Supports future game simulation (FGS) calculations
  • Supports MTT and SNG Knockout/Bounty tournaments using IKCM model
  • Get an MTT edge with ICM calculations for up to 60 players
  • Find the optimal strategy with Nash equilibrium ranges
  • Advanced SNG training with SNG coach to significantly improve your push/fold skills
  • Revealing of strengths and weaknesses in your play and highlighting fields of improvement
  • Replay hands played on popular poker rooms and forward interesting hands to ICMIZER 2 Basic
  • Available for Windows or Mac, in your browser online or in a downloadable version

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ICMIZER 2 Pre-Flop Calculator


The first tool in the ICMIZER 2 Toolkit is the ICMIZER 2 Pre-flop Calculator (included in ICMIZER 2 Basic) which is a further developed ICMIZER that you may know already. It is an accurate ICM calculator and covers the very same features as the previous software but comes up with a revamped user interface and some new features such as:

  • A poker table to visualise your calculations
  • Improved MTT ICM calculations control to review pre-final table spots
  • The possibility to choose the tournament type from a list of popular poker tournament formats
  • The list of blinds now includes only the blinds available in the selected tournament.

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SNG Coach


The ICMIZER 2 SNG Coach is a new and effective way to improve your SNG/MTTSNG and MTT push/fold skills. It shows your current skill level and even allows you to compare your skill level with other players who use SNG Coach.

This is how it works:

1. You choose the tournament type you want to train. For example PokerStars 6-Max Hyper, Spin & Go, 6-Max Turbo, MTT or Heads-Up. Many more are also available.

2. ICMIZER 2 SNG Coach will now ask you specific push/fold questions which you have to answer. The questions are visualised as real-game scenarios simulated on a poker table.

3. Based on your answers, the SNG Coach will create your individual skill profile and helps you to detect strengths and weaknesses per tournament type. Over time, you will see per tournament type where you need to improve and you will get better and better.

The SNG Coach has many clever features:

  • Before the quiz starts, SNG coach will calculate your current skill level
  • It tailors each question difficulty based on your skill progress
  • It uses smart algorithms to generate realistic hand situations
  • It suggests 4 answers per questions and reveals for each one the optimal plays
  • Each answer can be instantly sent into ICMIZER for deeper review by using the ICMIZE button
  • You can see how you rank vs. other players who practice in SNG Coach and see where you are strong or need to improve.

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ICMIZER 2 Replayer

The ICMIZER 2 Replayer is a hand-replayer with which you can replay any played tournament hand from all major poker rooms and networks (PokerStars, Fulltilt, iPoker, 888, Ongame, Merge, Microgaming, Winamax, WPN, Bovada).

It calculates equity on each street for all players and hints which hands can be effectively reviewed.

Furthermore, you can forward interesting hands to the ICMIZER 2 Pre-flop Calculator or send hands from there to the Replayer for review.

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  • Windows or Mac OS X
  • Microsoft Silverlight which can be downloaded here

Having Problems?

If you are having problems with ICMIZER 2 Pro, whether it be with the usage of the software or installation difficulties, or indeed if you just want some hints and tricks on how to get the most out of the software, please visit our official support thread in our forum:

Forum: ICMIZER 2