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A beautiful HUD for PokerStars

Jivaro is a beautiful HUD for PokerStarsJivaro is a powerful and visually appealing HUD for PokerStars. Its market leading real time recording technology enables you view statistics that are relevant at any given time. You can easily share replays with your friends, forums and the Jivaro community. Jivaro is 100% in line with PokerStars software regulations.

Jivaro Features


  • Statistics are constantly maintained and updated by Jivaro experts and professional players
  • Intelligent filter, filters out unnecessary statistics
  • Positional awareness of statistics
  • Street selector: Analyse streets in detail
  • Command Center: Displays information about the tournament or cash game you're seated at
  • Live pot odds which update in real time
  • Whitelisted and fully supported by PokerStars
  • Starting at $4,99 per month

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