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What is PokerSnowie?

PokerSnowie is a No Limit Texas Hold'em Training software which helps beginner, amateur and professional players to improve their poker game. The software uses artificial intelligence (AI), which is trained based on GTO (Game Theory Optimal) principles, for its decision making. It always aims to show you the "perfect gameplay". It cannot be used during play.

  • Rates your level of play by comparing your game to the optimal play
  • Analyses errors and blunders, checks the EV for each betting and the optimal betting sizes
  • Challenge Snowie and play against the AI
  • Analyses played hands from real poker games or challenges and shows which errors you made
  • Supports profit and loss analysis
  • Define and edit scenarios and check how Snowie would play
  • Provides feedback for each played action (not only to the general playing style)
  • Easily imports hand history folders and files
  • Used and recommended by professional poker players

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Who would benefit from using PokerSnowie?

Hand Evaluations in PokerSnowiePokerSnowie is a training tool for everyone who wants to improve their poker game. PokerSnowie can never be used while a poker client is open or used as a bot that makes decisions for you while your poker game is running. It is designed to be used after you have finished your poker session.

  • You can challenge PokerSnowie opponents and play against its artificial intelligence (AI)
  • You can import hand histories from your own games and let PokerSnowie analyse it
  • You can create special scenarios and see how the AI of PokerSnowie would play
  • You can analyse each played street seperately
  • Learn how to construct balanced ranges

Overall, beginner poker players would gain a lot from PokerSnowie as they will get a much better feeling for decision making, GTO and the EV for specific scenarios. But advanced and professional poker players can also benefit from PokerSnowie and fine tune their decisions.

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Advantages of PokerSnowie

Create a custom scenario with PokerSnowieOne of the biggest advantages of PokerSnowie is its artificial intelligence (AI). The PokerSnowie AI is trained based on GTO (Game Theory Optimal) principles and is updated periodically. So you can expect the tool to get better and better over time.

Another advantage is that you can play against PokerSnowie as if you would on a real poker table. You can get immediate feedback on your actions and "learn by playing". This feature is called "Challenges".

Another advantage is the scenarios feature: Let's say you have a specific gameplay situation in mind which you would like to get feedback on. You can either discuss this poker hand with other poker player or you can ask PokerSnowie for feedback and let it calculate the optimal play for you.

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Having problems?

If you are having problems with PokerSnowie, whether it be with the usage of the software or installation difficulties, or indeed if you just want some hints and tricks on how to get the most out of PokerSnowie, please visit our official support thread:

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