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What does PokerTracker 4 do?

PokerTracker 4 HUD preview
  • Track and analyse both your own hands and those played by your opponents
  • Find leaks in your game to help you eliminate them while focusing on profit
  • Improve your decision-making with the heads-up display
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PokerTracker 4 standard features - free!

PokerTracker 4 luck bell curve

  • The real time Vector HUD Engine that powers the most advanced head-up display available for online poker players is available exclusively in PokerTracker 4.
  • Choose between full or current table statistics
  • Filter stats to display by stack sizes in tournaments
  • Live big blind stack size counts displayed each hand
  • Review and tag hands while playing

Statistics: PokerTracker 4 comes with hundreds of built-in statistics, but if you need something more specific you can define your own Custom Statistics and add it to the HUD.

Live stack tracking: see the chip counts of all players calculated at the end of each hand.

Game review and reporting: PokerTracker 4 is designed to provide the best tool in reviewing and reporting poker hands.

Filters: access full, customised reports for hands of interest from the database. Save the reports for quick filtering whenever you need them.

Hand range visualiser: the best tool in order to visualise ranges instead of just hands.

Luck bell curve: visualise how well you run in hitting the draw you were looking for.

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NoteTracker - Auto Notes Tracking Board Texture and Hole Cards

PokerTracker 4 NoteTracker

NoteTracker is a free built-in feature of PokerTracker 4 that automatically takes notes on your opponents. You can customize the behaviour of the tool.

Based on the PokerTracker 4 standard, the interface takes notes by using rules that you can define. The notes can then be viewed straight out of the poker software.

Example: If you want to know how often and with which hands your opponent is calling 3bets in position, define the rule and have a look in the player notes.

Tournament notes were designed by online tournament legend Shaun Deeb, using effective stack size theory.

More useful features - free!

PokerTracker 4 LeakTracker


If you are serious about improving your game and analyzing your statistics, LeakTracker is a great place to start. It is a powerful tool for cash game players that analyzes your database by comparing key statistics to grade performance against a large sample of winning players on a stat-by-stat basis.

LeakTracker includes a series of basic instructional videos to help explain how to improve your performance in each review.

PokerTracker 4 includes the most powerful Independent Chip Modelling (ICM) analysis and simulation tools at no additional cost.

ICM is a chip modeling system for evaluating the optimal chip equity decisions in a single table tournament or final table. PokerTracker 4's ICM tools are a crucial part of studying and improving for all SnG and MTT players.

Equity Calculator
The built-in Equity Calculator for both Hold 'em and Omaha allows you to quickly analyze your hand's equity against your opponent's range of possible holdings.

Download PokerTracker 4 for free now

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