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What is the Power-Equilab?

The Power-Equilab is an advanced equity calculator which was built by the same developer as the famous Equilab. It tries to combine the best features of other common equity and analysis tools on the market in one application.

  • Equity calculations on ranges and sub-ranges
  • Supports hand range selection, weighted ranges and hierarchic grouped ranges
  • Built inhand range calculator and heat maps
  • Equity graphs for current street and next streets
  • Imports ranges from other equity tools (e.g. PokerRanger) and imports hand histories
  • 29 pre defined hand rankings and define your own with a hand ranking editor
  • Use playability profiles and define your own via playability editor
  • Hand strength distribution on unknown flops
  • Built in Equity Trainer for all streets
  • Scenario analyser: Calculate equities of possible cards on the next streets
  • Export results and auto-upload graphs to use in forums

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Who would benefit from using the Power-Equilab?

Power-Equilab Main WindowThe Power-Equilab will help you to add accurate and precise equity calculations to your poker game. Equity is the chance of winning the pot in various situations and one of the basics in poker theory. Calculating your equity against your oppononents on each street will help you to become a better and more successful poker player.

Beginner poker players will benefit as well as advanced and professional players when using the Power-Equilab as accurate equity calculations are a must on the road to success.

Advantages of the Power-Equilab

The Power-Equilab comes with a lot of useful features and claims to include the most powerful advantages of common equity tools in one application.

Make basic equity calculations with multiple hands/ranges on each street. Discount dead cards. Check how often you are ahead on the flop, turn and river or how often your hand hits the flop. Select pre defined hand ranges or create your own. Create sub-ranges by assigning colors, labels and combos.

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Problem: How does every hand in your range perform against villains range?

Power-Equilab HeatmapSolution: Simply calculate your equity as usual and then select the heatmap-icon. All hands from your range get color coded according to their equity. You also have the choice how to modify your continuation range: One option is to set a treshold and automatically take over all hands with a minimum equity as your new continue-range. Another option is to continue with a certain percentage of your range. This allows for example to deny your opponent auto profit spots.

Problem: You want to include equity realisation factors into your range construction?

Power-Equilab Playability EditorSolution: Create playability profiles via the built in playability editor. You can create different scenarios for IP and OOP play and use them selectively. After applying equity realisation factors you will see the difference between equity on paper and equity when you have to play a hand through flop, turn & river.

Download Power-Equilab for free now

Problem: You want to give some hands more weight in your range calculations?

Power-Equilab weighted rangesSolution: The Interactive weighting of combos feature will solve this for you. No matter if you want to analyse your own or your opponents ranges - you have unlimited options. You only 3bet AK 50% of all times - simply select AK and give it a 50%-weighting. You want to add bluffs with a low weighting to your opponents range? Select some typical bluff hands and give them a 30% weighting to be in your opponents range. You can assign 8 different weights to your ranges and calculate with them.

Problem: Do you know on how many boards you will have a good equity?

Power-Equilab Equity-GraphSolution: The Equity graph will show you on how many flops, turns and rivers you will have a certain equity. This is especially helpful when you want to analyze your gameplan and you want to check if you don't have to fold too many flops due to low equity of your whole range? The equity graph will be your best friend!

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Problem: How do you know how often your & your opponent's range hits certain boards?

Power-Equilab Hand strength distributionThe Hand strength distribution on unknown flops feature will help. The Power-Equilab calculates how the given range will hit an undefined flop (average over all possible flops). In addition you can select your required hand strengths to cumulate the overall percentages for made hand and draws.

Other features:

  • With the scenario analyser you can calculate potential outcomes of the next street(s), calculate river cards and calculate outcomes against multiple ranges.
  • Built in equity trainer for pre-flop, flop, turn and river scenarios against multiple ranges. Check on specific hands to make deeper analyses.
  • History feature to access all previously calculated scenarios.
  • Import hand histories from different formats.
  • Lots of customisation opportunities e.g. through colour schemes.

Download Power-Equilab for free now

Having problems?

If you're having problems with the Power-Equilab, whether it be with the usage of the software or installation difficulties, or indeed if you just want some hints and tricks on how to get the most out of it, please visit our official support thread:

Forum: The Power-Equilab