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What is Simple Nash?

Simple Nash is a versatile calculator for Push-or-Fold and Raise-or-Fold analysis. Simple Nash can be used to analyze SNGs, MT SNGs, MTTs, and CAP/SSS-based cash games.

Learn how to improve your preflop game with a short stack.
Import your hands from tracking software like Hold'em Manager 1 and PokerTracker 3/4, or in text format from many poker rooms.
Effectively keep track of your sessions with an automated analysis feature for imported hands.
Know your edge while analysing the endgame of MTTs and MT SNGs; player stacks on other tables are also considered.
Customize your calculations based on the current tourney prize structure with the possibility of quick editing.
Include knockout payments into your calculations.
Train your Push-or-Fold skills in Quiz mode. Opponents' ranges are based on Nash Equilibrium.
Calculate EV with card removal effect; it considers ranges of opponents who folded before each player's move.
Use future games simulation in your analysis. It will allow you to consider approaching blinds and further development of the game.
Build different graphs for in-depth hand analysis.
Use different ICM models (Malmuth-Harville, Malmuth-Weitzman, Chip EV).

Share your results using the web-sharing feature.

Simple Nash
Simple Nash's main window
Web-sharing feature

Who should use Simple Nash?

The graph showing dependency of one player's
range from another player's range
Simple Nash is a versatile software tool useful for different kinds of players. Newcomers will get their basic poker training while advanced grinders who are good at poker math will be able to deeply analyse their database.

The software is recommended to: 

• SNG, MT SnG, and MTT players
• SSS players (cash games)

Calculations for MTTs and MT SNGs can include up to 20 players.

Simple Nash will help you better understand short-stacked play, effectively analyse your sessions, train Push-or-Fold play and improve your skills at different poker games.

Basics: ICM and Nash Equilibrium

In order to use Simple Nash as effectively as possible, you need to understand what ICM and Nash Equilibrium are.

ICM measures your stack value in connection with its real money value.

Nash Equilibrium describes situations, when no player can increase their winnings by changing their strategy while other players keep making the same decisions. Using this optimal ("unexpoitable") poker strategy against each other, players gain zero profit in the long run.

Advantages of Simple Nash

Simple Nash has a very useful feature for MTT/MT SNG endgame analysis - it's possible to consider player stacks on other tables. You can include up to 20 players in your calculations. Also Simple Nash can also analyse knockout payments.

Deep and effective preflop analysis is the key advantage of Simple Nash. You can enter raise sizes, freely edit player ranges including calls of raises/all-ins after 3-bets, build different graphs, calculate while using card removal effect and FGS. And after all that you can share your results via the software's web-sharing feature.

Simple Nash Quiz is a versatile module with a possibility of custom configs saving. Opponents' ranges are based on Nash Equilibrium. You can change difficulty settings, so it's usable by both novice and advanced players.

Hand import and automated analysis are some other significant features of Simple Nash which are created for session reviews. During the import you can see your tracking software's databases and you can filter hands by nickname. Player notes import from PokerStars is also supported, and it's possible to choose a tournament pool for automated analysis. After the analysis is complete, you can sort out arguable and badly played hands.

Simple Nash Simple Nash
Quiz mode in Simple Nash
Game simulations in Simple Nash

System requirements

• Windows OS (XP, Vista, Win7, Win8)
• CPU with SSE2 support
• At least 1 Gb RAM
• At least 70 MB free HDD space
• Permanent Internet connection

SNG/MTT strategy

In order to use Simple Nash to its fullest, you should visit our Strategy section and (if you're a Silver member or above) learn more about Nash Ranges in the Push-or-Fold play.

Strategy: SNG tournaments
Strategy: Nash Ranges for the Push-or-Fold play (Silver+)

Having problems?

If you are having problems with Simple Nash, whether it be with the software use or installation difficulties, or if you just want some hints and tricks on how to get the most out of it, please visit our official support thread:

Forum: Simple Nash