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What is Table Optimizer?

Table Optimizer is an optimization tool for players who regularly play multiple tables simultaneously on PokerStars. The software will help you to organize and tile your tables with unbeatable efficiency, allowing you to focus more on your own performance.

  • Advantage tiling and stacking of PokerStars tables.
  • Remove titlebars and borders from tables to make multitabling more efficient.
  • Establish hot keys and preset bets.
  • Define and filter preset betsizes by position and by blind/ante levels.
  • Automatically manage your timebank and waitlist.
  • Design your own table frames and HUD.
  • Low CPU and memory usage.
  • Officially allowed by PokerStars.

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Who should use Table Optimizer?

Optimized stacked tablesTable Optimizer is a tool designed for mass multi tablers on PokerStars.

If you've ever had problems organizing your tables or losing the overview during an intense session of multi-tabling, Table Optimizer is for you.

Advantages of Table Optimizer

The software is essentially a spin off of TableNinja 2, but adds value by providing some unique and helpful features:

Hotkey features that allow you to move tables between multiple monitors, add new tables to a stack, join and unjoin waiting lists, sit out next hand or next big blind for one or multiple tables, increase/decrease bet sizing, colour or find players and more.

Preset bet sizing for open raises and isolation raises according to the blinds and position at the table, 3-bets/squeeze plays according to open raiser's sizing, post-flop bet and raise filtered by street and pre-flop action and more.

Creating custom slotsA smart stacking feature that will automatically move tables from a stack to predefined slots in accordance with when your hand is first dealt, when you put money into the pot or when you see a flop. Then when your hand is folded, the table automatically returns to the stack, allowing you to play more tables and ensure full focus in big pots.

Improved multi-tabling options such as auto accepting/declining wait lists, closing pop-ups, closing empty tables, selecting/refreshing the info tab in tournaments and more.

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Table Optimizer Options

Table Optimizer main options
Table Optimizer main options
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Table Optimizer HUD options

Having problems?

If you are having problems with Table Optimizer - using the software, installation difficulties, or if you just want some hints and tricks on how to get the most out of it - please visit one of our dedicated support or discusson threads:

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