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Convinced? If you want to buy Xeester with our special offer just login with your free account and click on "My Profile" on the Xeester website. On the right, click on "Upgrade my subscription" and purchase the license of your choice. You can purchase Xeester at the following prices:

  • Xeester Micro Game: €9,99 €8,99 per year
  • Xeester Low Game: €19,99 €17,99 per year
  • Xeester Middle Game: €34,99 €30,99 per year
  • Xeester High Game: €49,99 €44,99 per year

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What is Xeester?

  • Track and analyse your own and the hands of your opponents
  • Find leaks in your game and focus on making more profit. More than 170 statistics are available
  • Improve your decision making with the Xeester customiseable HUD
  • Works for both Hold'em and Omaha
  • Affordable tracking software

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Easy to use

Xeester's intuitive user interfaceXeester is extremely easy to handle and has an intuitive interface. When you first launch the app, Xeester is responsible for creating the database and for importing your existing hand histories. All automatically.

With a few clicks you can view your statistics, look at yours and your opponents results, review hands played in the hand replayer and share them on or social networks like Facebook.

Xeester offers an intuitive and ergonomic layout for your data.

  • Session Import: Hand import is done automatically. No further configuration needed
  • Hands analysis: Sort, filter and review all hands played. Quick check your progress
  • Sessions: With one click you see, sort and easily filter your gaming sessions and results
  • Stats: Easily access your statistics
  • Opponents: Analyse your opponents easily to increase your edge over them

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The Xeester HUD

The Xeester HUDWhen you play online, a graphical assistant (HUD or "Heads Up Display") indicates each player's key statistics in real time. You can customise the HUD with statistics and colours of your choice.

  • HUD customisation: Customise any statistic to your preference.
  • Categorisation: Assign colors automatically or manually to directly identify weak players at the tables.
  • Badges: Create your own rules in order to automatically tag your opponents.

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Xeester profiles

The Xeester profilesA simple double click on the HUD displays a player’s "Profile".

It allows you to study your own playing style in depth as well as that of your opponents.

You can access all the stats available on this player and any notes that you made.

Right clicking on a statistic opens all the details you need, represented by clear graphs.

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Filter your results and progress

Filter your progress with XeesterUsing filters will allow you to view results from your sessions:

  • By limits: Filter results by the game limits you have played
  • By variant: Filter by Limit Hold'em, No-Limit, mixed games and many more
  • By time: Want to know what time of day is the most favourable for you? Thanks to the time filter you can compare your results in the morning, afternoon, evening and night (configurable hours)
  • By format: Think you're a "shark" heads-up? This filter will tell you which game format you perform best in
  • And many other filters!

Download Xeester for free now

Review and share your key moments!

Analyze and share your
hands in the hand replayerXeester's replayer allows you to re-live your favourite hands. Want to share one?

Xeester can export your replay, as well as any result or graph on Facebook!

You can also easily export it in a JPG format.

Having problems?

If you're having problems with Xeester - using the software, installation difficulties, or if you just want some hints and tricks on how to get the most out of it - please visit one of our dedicated support or discusson threads:

Forum: Xeester