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Learn strategies and background with our articles and videos

Our articles and videos introduce you to strategies and concepts for a variety of areas in poker. The focus is on Texas Hold’em, the most popular and widely played poker variant.

As a beginner in poker, you can learn basic, easy to apply strategies. Building on this, you can see how to refine and extend this strategy.

You can learn more about the theory behind poker and ultimately become an experienced player, able to adapt your strategy to your requirements independently.

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Get tips from the pros and discuss with other players

You'll always find a contact partner for any level in our forum, to discuss your poker strategy questions and ideas.

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During hand discussions, you post your poker hands in the forum and our experienced players analyse your game. They give you feedback on possible errors and alternative plays. There's no easier, faster way to perfect your game.

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Live coachings at take you to the next level. You're there, live when our coaches are playing poker, thanks to special software.

You can meet them at the poker tables, listen to their comments and get all the questions you want to discuss off your chest in chat dialogues.

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Practice and analyse your poker game with our tools

ICM trainer lightICM Trainer light

The ICM Trainer light helps you train your game in the late phases of a tournament. A series of lessons show you what make the late phases (push or fold phases), which hands you should play and how.

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ICM trainerICM Trainer

ICM Trainers light's big brother is training software which you can use to develop and train your strategy for the late phases of a tournament, following the ICM model.

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With Equilab, you can calculate the win probability in different situations and against different players, considerably improving your game.

Download Equilab for free SideKick

The SideKick adds an extra kick of fun and motivation to your game. You can use the program to collect badges and rewards for special poker hands and milestones in your poker career.

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