Collin Moshman

// Moshman is considered by many to be not only the godfather of Sit & Go tournament strategy, but also one of the most prolific poker educators in the world.

Boasting an honours degree in theoretical math from the California Institute of Technology, he put his strong analytical background to good use at the poker tables. 

Collin has instructed hundreds of players on how to beat Sit & Go tournaments for almost a decade and is the lead Sit & Go instructor at He regularly produces strategy videos on 'Moshman Mondays' and has a weekly live coaching seminar on Wednesdays for our members. 

He is also a critically acclaimed poker author and has penned several very popular books including the classics Sit'N'Go Strategy, Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em and The Math of Hold'em. Not content with just producing fantastic poker advice, he also recently wrote his first work of fiction in 2012 - The SuperUser.  

When he is not playing or producing content he has a stable of players he stakes and coaches called 'Team Moshman'. You can apply to be staked and coached by Collin Moshman over in our staking forum

He is married to fellow coach Katie Dozier, who is also a Sit & Go player, coach and author. 

Collin Moshman Poker Videos

As he is one of our most prolific contributors we have a huge database of Collin Moshman videos. Here are a few of the best free Collin Moshman videos:

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• Beating the $2 180-Micro 

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Collin Moshman Poker Books

// is one of the most popular authors in the game. Check out the full range of Collin Moshman Poker Books here:

• Sit'N'Go Strategy
• Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em
• The Math of Hold'em
• Pro Poker Strategy
• The Superuser (Fiction)

Collin Moshman Interviews

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