Black Member Status

Black Member status

Black Member is the highest and most exclusive status a player can earn on

This status cannot be directly purchased in our shop, which means that most of the Black Members are very successful poker players, who achieved their status by playing poker tracked at one or more of our poker rooms.

This status is awarded once you reach the magic number of 500,000 lifetime StrategyPoints. Unlike our other loyalty tiers, it's valid for life and won't expire.

This means our Black Members will always have access to all of our online content, without any restrictions.

You will also get access to our exclusive Black Member forum, which means you can talk poker privately with some of the best minds in the modern game.

Many of our Black Members have gone on to win European Poker Tour events, WSOP bracelets, Super High Roller tournaments and got to SuperNova Elite. Most of them are now professional players, or at least are good enough to go pro if they wish.

Black Member is one of the most respected badges of honour in all of online poker. If you got there, it was no fluke, and shows that you have consistency, work ethic and are crushing the higher levels of the online game. If you become a Black Member, you really have arrived in poker.

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