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StrategyNo Limit

Average Pre-flop Ranges: Nit

The average ranges in NL10 are the basis for your hand reading and for your own determination of your opponents' ranges. These average ranges have been determined by experts using tracking software. 

Average ranges of a Nit in NL10

A nit stands out other player types for playing very few hands. His ranges are extremely tight; he only plays the very best hands aggressively. On average, a nit will play only 16% or less of all hands. 

From UTG

Open raise range:

Open raise:
55+, ATs+, KJs+, AJo+, KJo+ (11%, #144)

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Comments (8)

#1 toske1, 13 Mar 15 18:45


#2 scopinad, 20 Oct 15 20:11

OK, explain this,
how do you know a 3-bet range of a nit FROM THE SB, if he 3-bets me and I am in say MP2?? What if I was in the BU, he should 3-bet lighter. Explain if the 3-bet range is relative to the villain's (me) position or it is the nit's position.
Sorry if this question sounds stupid but I am a noob.

#3 scopinad, 20 Nov 15 12:40

Why does a nit open raises less hands from the SB than the CO? There is only one player left to act.

#4 scopinad, 20 Nov 15 13:43

Meant to say BU.

#5 hassux, 25 Jan 16 21:09

badi nik kiss emou

#6 bubamarasr, 04 Mar 16 14:41

read it, thank you

#7 sirilidion, 11 Jul 16 14:08

@2: as explained in the top paragraph these are average determents by experts using trackingsoftware which means the had a large database of hands on players that they considered nits and these where the plays the made on average.

So how do you know this nit in this particular situation has this 3bet-range? the answer is you don't but on average when encountering nits this will be there 3bet range and you still need to keep thinking yourself if this nit is tighter of looser then the average or about the same. Still ranges like these give you a good idea play against this playertype before you have more specific reads on the player

As for your specific qeustion about he should be looser if you raise from mp instead of the button. well as you can see his 3bet doesn't change much as he almost only 3bets of value so yeah he probably would be a bit tighter raising someone from mp then from the button and thus I think it make likely his range is closer to 3% then 5 %.

@3: because if called he will be playing oop which makes it harder to play post flop

#8 Artsboy, 17 Mar 17 09:37

I find these hand range articles have way too much information about hand range and very little comments / explanations. Also, it seems they were written a long time ago...