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Exploits (3): Exploitive Folds

When you make an exploitive fold, you fold a good hand because your opponent doesn't bluff enough. You exploit your opponent because you don't pay him off on his big hands.

So to make an exploitive fold requires you to identify a situation where your opponent's range is very strong. Top pair top kicker can become a clear fold in these spots.

In this lesson, you will learn how to recognize these spots. The main indicatiors for exploitve folds are:

  • The board development improves your opponent's hands so he can have less bluffs.
  • Your opponent almost never plays certain lines as a bluff.

Identify the VB-Ratio and find situations for exploitive folds

You start by establishing your opponent's range and then calculate the VB-ratio. You can call any made hand on the river if your opponent's range contains enough bluffs. However, if your oppoonent doesn't bluff enough, you have to calculate how much equity your made hand has against your opponent's range.

Accordingly, you have to find out when your opponent's range is mostly composed of strong value hands. This happens very frequently in the following scenarios:

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Please enjoy the third article in the Exploits Series of Lessons - Exploitative Folds

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