Live Poker Strategy

Although online poker is significantly more popular because of how easy it is to get started, live poker is one of the most enjoyable forms of the game. Although the rules of the game are the same, the strategy for live poker vs. online poker does differ. The strategy advice we give for online poker is still ultimately more valuable, and you should focus on that first, but there is some specific live poker coaching advice that will help you improve your live game.


5 lessons

What is live poker?

There is so much more information available offline, and many think that mastering live poker tells is the most important aspect of being a winning live player. While they do exist, they are probably an exaggerated aspect of the game. Perhaps the most important live poker MTT strategy adjustment comes down to patience and understanding variance.

When you are used to hundreds of hands an hour and playing multiple games, it is easy to get to the long term online. However you will never get to the long term in your life playing live poker MTTs, so you must understand that the luck element may never even out for you. Having a good understanding of variance, therefore, is pivotal.

You must also be very patient. Instead of making lots of fast decisions, the big difference of live poker vs online poker is slowing down and taking as much information in as possible before putting your chips in. This does include factoring in live poker tells, but it also means paying more attention to previous action, table image and more.

We don’t have many live poker strategy videos because we are primarily an online site, and fundamentally the best way to win at live poker is to hone your game online. But making the mental adjustments to the speed and pace of live poker is the best way to adapt to the game.