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The Rules of Strip Poker Hold'em


In this Article
  • The art of undressing your opponents
  • Deciding how far you will go beforehand
  • The two basic variations of strip poker

If No Limit Hold'em is the Cadillac of poker, then Strip Poker Hold'em is a topless coupe with tiger stripe interior.

Strip poker is more than just a simple game, it is a way of life. Those select few who manage to convince their evening disco aquaintance to go on to play a round of take-off-your-clothing-Hold'em, know: Yes I am good.

The following article, however, is not meant to help you overcome potentially existent social or aesthetic deficits. It is designed to give you a concrete guide on how to actually go about playing strip poker. Because one thing is for sure: there is nothing worse than actually talking the object of your desire into playing, and then spending the next 3 hours discussing the rules.

Before the game

An essential pre-requisite of turning the evening into one of uninhibited poker competition is that all players have basic knowledge of the rules. So while it is possible to turn pretty much any format of poker into a strip-version, the popularity of Texas Hold'em and the easy-to-learn rules make it the clear first choice. If you are a bit rusty when it comes to the rules you can find them in the following article: Basic Rules of Poker

The second requirement for a successful evening of strip poker is the presence of at least two people and a deck of 52 cards. In terms of choosing the location in which you decide to poker, there are no boundaries to your imagination.

The third and certainly not less important condition is that the participants of the poker round are dressed.  One can give one's imagination free reign again here, and make use of carneval costumes or playful accessories from the DIY store for example. Just make sure that every player actually has something to lose. If possible all participants should wear quite a few items of clothing.

Even if people generally think that strip poker is just about getting fully undressed, the reality is different. It is therefore important to make a clear arrangement from the beginning how far every participant actually wants to go. The fact that the limits one has set for oneself might shift as the game goes along, with the help of a little alcohol, is another story. But it should be clear to everyone when to stop. 

It's always a good idea to also have a pile of PokerStrategy TAF leaflets on the table, besides the obligatory drinks and poker chips. To PokerStrategy's Tell-a-friend-Program

During the game

The big question that many beginners keep asking themselves is: Who takes what off and when? Rather than being able to provide one clear answer to this, this article gives an ambiguous answer, as there are two basic variants for playing a betting round and determining the undressing that follows.

Both variants and any further possible variations will now be discussed. May I add, however, that the layout of the game is always left to your imagination.

Every player is given a certain amount of chips. The game and betting rounds are played in the classical fashion, with blinds, bets, raises, everything as usual. If, however, a player loses all of his or her chips, he will be given the opportunity to buy some chips in exchange for taking off an item of clothing.

If someone has lost all their items of clothing, they are eliminated from the game and can use the time to fill out crossword puzzles or do a few exercises to strengthen the back muscles.

The amount of chips allows you to determine how long the game is to last. You can start off with 10 or 100 chips, whatever takes your fancy.

This variant is at first played like the previously mentioned game. But there is one difference. Every player who goes to the showdown and doesn't win must remove an item of clothing. It works in the same way as the betting action with the chips in the previous variant. If someone wants to see the showdown they risk losing an item of clothing.

Because of this additional rule the game gains a little speed and is therefore only recommended for those who are in a real hurry.

The system of rules can be complemented with other rules according to one's preferences and fantasy. Another popular variation for example is to give a player the opportunity to carry out some other kind of task instead of undressing themselves. That is interesting for a game with a bigger number of players, so that the eliminated, undressed players don't get bored.

It is also possible to modify the rules in such a way that players can win back their items of clothing. In this case the winner of a hand can put an item of clothing back on. Should the player still be wearing all their clothes, then he or she has the right to order another player to take off an item of clothing.

There are no limits to the imagination here, although the main point should not only be the undressing but also the fun of the game. A round that goes too quickly, that comes to an end after just five minutes because of the nakedness aimed for, can easily leave a boring aftertaste.



So now you know how it works, there's nothing to stop you from playing your next round of strip poker. And don't forget: the journey is the reward. Never was a life wisdom from grandmother's treasure trove of aphorisms more true than when discussing take-off-your-clothing-Hold'em.

By the way: Instructions on how to actually win in this game, in case you really want to, can be found in our strategy articles.


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