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Mental Coaching (3) - Poker Habits


In this article 
  • Daily routine
  • Habits
  • 30 day test trial
  • Ideas for changing habits

" Choose the life that is most useful, and habit will make it the most agreeable." - Francis Bacon

A poker player's career affords him the freedom to decide when he works and how much he works. This unusual lifestyle, which for many is also the reason they become a poker player, is often ridden with scheduling problems. On the other hand, this freedom is also a responsibility to yourself and others.

Sleeping longer and longer every day, not leaving the house and ordering pizza every day might sound tempting. However, whether it will really make you happy in the long run is a different matter. This article is meant to provide food for thought as to how you can steer your life in certain directions through simple habits in daily life. This will allow you to play a larger load, make faster progress or have more free time. 


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Comments (8)

#1 sausage646, 19 Feb 12 20:04

3 hours a day ? well that guy seems really living the dream but how he beats variance 24 tabeling :) ?

#2 Ohs, 19 Feb 12 21:29

Nice article.

#3 MatejM47, 20 Feb 12 00:03

Lol im worset then a slob. Didn't wake up at 2pm for ages.

#4 staktas, 20 Feb 12 14:29

#1 you don't need to beat variance, you just need to be able to float on it. Just have proper bankroll and some emergency money for rent/food, and everyhin will be all right. At least that's my 2 cents.

#5 Apelsiins09, 15 Mar 12 20:31

Pee bottle?

#6 maythany, 03 Sep 12 19:39

Pee bottle!

#7 Imimba1, 06 Nov 12 14:04

who doesnt have it?

#8 un1t, 29 Jul 13 18:22

Dont bash pee bottles