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Virtues of a Poker Player


In this article

  • Virtues of a good poker player
  • Finding a good balance
Patience in poker has several aspects:
  • Waiting for a good starting-hand (strict obedience of the starting hands chart).
  • Waiting to win a pot. Players who have not won a pot for a longer time often start making weak calls and can't fold losing hands.
  • Be patient in climbing up the limits. Don’t put yourself under pressure. Simply keep playing according to the bankroll management.
Being successful in poker is closely connected with discipline and sticking to bankroll management, time management, and detailed study of the poker theory. Discipline is also needed to control the emotions that might come up during the game.

If you learn to accept bad beats, downswings and defeats as a part of poker, you are on your way to become a good poker player. You should eliminate excessive anger, frustration and disheartenment. Learn to stay calm or at least calm down quickly.

If you have read all important poker books you should read them a second and a third time.

Being too pleased with yourself leads to stagnation. Even good players have miscellaneous leaks that need to be fixed. The ambition of becoming perfect defines the champion. PokerTracker is a useful tool if you want to detect your leaks. Objectivity also means finding out which limit suits you.

In the end, poker is a fight with winners and losers. Effective bluffs and brave value bets belong to the repertoire of an expert. Permanent fear that you might be playing against the nuts will harm your game. Anyone who is too weak-spirited will not be able to celebrate the perfect tight-aggressive style.

You should accept fate. Only if you accept the variance of probability, you will be able to deal well with bad beats and will not be influenced in any negative way. Being a sportsman and not insulting your opponents is part of being a good overall player.

Respect for money and the strict compliance of the bankroll management enables financial success with poker. Gamblers are economically irrational. Thus, they are our customers.

Being concentrated
Sometimes you have to make highly complex decisions. You have to be focused on your game play. Even if you have folded your starting hand, you should still observe the rest of the hand. Being focused on the game, no matter of how long you might be playing, is an important ability. If you feel uncomfortable after a while, you definitely should take a break.

Strong Nerves
If you have put lots of money into the pot, you require nerves of steel. If you actually relish tense and suspenseful situations, it is all the better.

Many pros have one thing in common: They learned humbleness because of the many downswings they went through. In times of success, they are aware of the next downswing. If you are still new to poker, you shouldn't let yourself be blinded by success at the early stages.

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I love the articles in this section :)

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Overcome the downswing is a learning lesson. More games and reveiw your actions and read the article will sharp your sword.

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Great article.

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Good article.. people should really accept bad beats.. when they get one, they act like it aint possible to catch a bad beat.. its a part of the game

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nice 1 :]

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without the variance there would be no opportunity for profit

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Very good article.

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