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The Gigabet Dilemma

1. Introduction

  • Gigabet and the classification of chips
  • The 35% rule
As already explained in the “ICM” article, there are situations in which the Independent Chip Model hits the brick wall. At times it makes sense to make an -$EV push UTG as you would pay the big blind in the next hand and thus diminish your fold equity.

Another concept allocates different values to the individual chips in the stack and sometimes requires a -$EV move as the chips you bet are worth less than those you can win. This may sound abstract, but we are going to try and explain the concept as elaborately and plausibly as possible in this article.

Introductory example:

PartyPoker Step 5 SnG
Blinds t50/t100
8 Players left
Seat 1: MP2 ( t1005 )
Seat 3: MP3 ( t840 )
Seat 4: Cutoff ( t1490 )
Seat 5: Button ( t410 )
Seat 6: SB ( t1495 )
Seat 7: BB ( t2135 )
Seat 9: UTG+2 ( t2080 )
Seat 10: MP1 ( t545 )

Pre-flop: Hero is BB with Q , 3
2 folds, MP2 calls t100, 1 fold, Cutoff calls t100, Button raises to t410 and is all-in, 1 fold,
Hero ?

What would you do?

Surely most people would now say “Easy fold”. Of course the button has a bigger push range here as he only has a stack of 4 BB. But why should you invest one fifth of your stack into a hand, with which you only have 2 live cards at the most, and further people are still acting behind you? If you assume that the button pushed here with any pair, any 2 Broadway cards and A7s+, then Hero only has an equity of barely 31%. Thus he should probably fold.

But the Hero in this hand had a different opinion: Hero re-raises to t2035 and is all-in.

And this isn't some regular or fish, but “Gigabet”, a very strong SnG player. Why Gigabet made this push will be explained hereafter.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (7)

#1 fun101rockets, 12 Nov 08 14:24

good concept, I will use it once i resch higher limits
my limits are beatable by solid ICM

#2 Koshburger, 10 Feb 10 02:37


#3 RiseandStrive, 21 Mar 10 13:30

that's interesting, but I'd like to return to the latest example on 5th page:

I think, if I understand it correctly, then that's dumb to make blind steal from 2nd biggest stack at the table with 5+ BB raise, especially because where a lot of short stacks, but that's on lower limits:
a) if BB repoups- U'r crippled
b) they rarely know that the pot odds are and like to gamble, even more- if the BB shove- pot odds are good enough to call roughtly 2 : 1

... 2.5 BB steal is good enough to create FE and U'r not pot commited... right???

so if this article is addressed to high volume players, then I only liked to know that this steal (5.25 BB) is showing to BB that, if villain shove, then hero is pot commited a) becouse of pot odds b) hero is ready to gamble with hole stack c) hero is creating more FE then it would be in 2.5 BB steal, so villain need's very good hand to re-raise all in and I know that good play will consider theses aspects!!! that's because giga bet is more powerful al higher limits-- am I right???

#4 RiseandStrive, 21 Mar 10 13:31

P.S. sorry about my english ... ;)

#5 gedwashere91, 28 Sep 10 23:48

Getting gold was totally worth it just for this article.

#6 BigAl123456, 02 Aug 11 00:21

I rember this hand from the MTT Atnholgy on 2+2... In the hand 1 of Limpers actuly had Ks and the flop came Q3x... bink!

#7 toske1, 13 Mar 15 18:28