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Bet Turn for Free Showdown (2) - With the Initiative


In the first part of this series, you were introduced to some basic concepts behind the bet for free showdown. You learned that there are basically two situations that can get you into such a spot: Actively, when you have the initiative or passively, without the initiative.

Today you will be given some relevant examples of spots, in which you have the initiative on the turn.

What has happened so far

Whenever you analyse topics that deal with later streets, you first need to ask the question: "How did I get there in the first place?".

If you have the initiative on the turn, the most likely case is that you are the preflop aggressor. However, various scenarios are possible here:

  • You are the PFA, contibet on the flop and could fire a 2nd barrel now.
  • You are the PFA, checked behind on the flop and could make the first bet now.
  • You are not the PFA, but bet on the flop after your opponent only checked.

As you might notice, the last item on the list is not so clear-cut.  It's easier to talk about initiative than to really define it, theoretically you always have the initiative when your opponent checks (quite apparently, he didn't want to use his in this case).

That's why this column will only focus on those spots in which you were the preflop aggressor.


That's not the entire article...

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#1 JohnDoe1313, 26 Jan 12 12:36

Nice one.