Invite your friends and earn rewards

They get free $50 and free poker training.

Tell a friend

You get up to $500 and StrategyPoints.

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Share a link with your friends

Always use this link to invite somebody to Please log into your account to see the link:

Your friends join

In order to make this work, your friends have to join us - tell them it's free and they'll get up to $50 free money and some decent poker education.

You earn money

If your friends play poker with any of our free money or deposit bonus offers or buy a status in our shop, you start earning money.

Spend the money

Cash it out
cash it out
Buy a poker bankroll
buy a poker bankroll
Buy poker software
buy poker software
Buy a member status
buy a member status

How much money will you get?

There is no limit to how much you can earn in total. You'll get money for the following activities:

  • You earn money when your friends play poker and reach certain StrategyPoint tiers (see table).
  • You earn 10% of your friend's TaF earnings (we pay the 10% of course, not your friends).
  • You earn 10% of all our revenues from purchases your friends make in our shop.

Reach Silver status

If three of your friends join us and use any of our free money or deposit bonus offers, you'll get 100 StrategyPoints which gives you at least one month Silver status.

In order to qualify for this promotion, your three referred friends must either receive the free starting capital for new members, or make a deposit on one of our partner rooms and earn at least 1 StrategyPoint.

Your friend collects You get
1 StrategyPoint $1
25 StrategyPoints + $1
50 StrategyPoints + $1
75 StrategyPoints + $1
100 StrategyPoints + $1
200 StrategyPoints + $5
300 StrategyPoints + $5
400 StrategyPoints + $5
500 StrategyPoints + $5
600 StrategyPoints + $5
700 StrategyPoints + $5
800 StrategyPoints + $5
900 StrategyPoints + $5
1000 StrategyPoints + $5
2000 StrategyPoints + $50
3000 StrategyPoints + $50
5000 StrategyPoints + $100
20000 StrategyPoints + $250

Table: How much money you get once a friend reaches a certain StrategyPoint tier