How can I earn money with Tell-a-Friend?

If you invite your friends to and they sign up via your personal referral link, you will begin to earn rewards once your friends start generating StrategyPoints or use our Points Shop to buy a status.

Extra rewards for referring friends

On top of the reward of up to $500 per referred friend, you can also profit from the following rewards:

  • 10% second level bonus on the earnings of your friends
  • Additional free poker money on your preferred site
  • Status upgrade to silver once you've referred 3 friends

Earning second level money – how does this work?

When a member you've referred in turn starts referring new members, you will also benefit. We will award you 10% on top of the earnings your referred member makes.

For example: If your referred member earns $100 through our Tell-a-Friend program, you automatically earn an extra $10 - this reward is separate to your friends earnings, which are of course unaffected.

Please note that this only applies if your referred member registered with on 06.12.2011 or later.

More free poker money for referring friends

If you started out with our free poker money offer yourself, you can unlock more free money on your chosen poker room once you've referred a friend.

Get more access with a free Status upgrade 

Once you've referred your first three friends, you'll automatically get a status upgrade to silver, giving you access to more videos, articles and forum boards.

Information for high volume referrers

If you are referring a large volume of new players, we understand that you might have special needs or questions.

If this is the case, please contact us via email:

Where can I see my referred members?

Click referred friends in the navigation menu at the top of this page.

Please note that it may take 1 or 2 days before our database is updated and for your new referrals appear on the list.

If two days have passed and your new referrals still haven't appeared, please ask them to contact support.

How can I spend my Tell-a-Friend earnings?

As your Tell-a-Friend balance grows, there are several ways to spend your earnings:

  • Buy poker software
  • Cashout the money to your poker account or Skrill/NETELLER
  • Buy a status upgrade in our Points Shop

On your Tell-a-Friend payout page you can view your balance and choose how you want to spend your money. Note: Depending on your location, some payout options may be unavailable.