Using Stats in SnGs - Part 1

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chenny888 shows you how helpful stats can be playing SnGs.


PokerStars Session Review stats Using Stats in SnGs

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  • madein1984


    is this a hint that the implementation of stats for SNGs in the elephant will happen in the soon future?...
  • Schmuvness


    I liked how you explained your choice of stats to be shown on the table and how you tried to include those into your decision despite the fact, that you quite obiously made the decision first and regarded the stats afterwards ;)

    Will the second part be the sequel to this one or will you be paying regards to another topic, like postflop stats for instance?
  • madein1984


    one question to those donkbets with top pair medium/weak kicker: I usually make a reraise when 2- or 3handed on the flop to those bets and get villain to fold so often, that it appears to be very profitable. Do you think that bet is well enough balanced with hands you go broke with, or are most players just folding so often that you still can make it profitably yourself?
  • antonin87


    hmm..nice vid
  • DANTE0071


    ооо интнересно, жду перевода!
  • SoWe


    using stats in SNGs... according to this vid - you don't ;) you used them 2-3 times total...

    but it was informing nonetheless, I liked it.
  • mishkagg


    its only part 1. in later parts and higher blinds stats are going to be used a lot more.
  • infernokiev


    Собственно по статам особо ничего интересного и нету. Объяснил, что у него за статы на столе, один раз акцентировал внимание при стиле у оппа со 100% фолдом на стил на 206 рук и все. То есть, это видео скорее доказывает "how useless stats can be" :D
  • hypertyper


    Interesting video. Folding TT against the reshove seems quite tight. Don't you become really exploitable when you don't call with at least TT+?
  • 013paul


    Hi Chenny I have a question about the JTs hand (the first hand in the video). After 1:57 you bet about 3/4 pot with top pair Jacks (kicker T) in a multiway pot. How would you play this hand on the turn and river if one of your opponents just calls your flop bet? It's a tough situation even if a blank comes on the turn...
  • KiddoPoker


    why check fold is not a good strategy at the flop; at first hand before session with 10J
  • DickPanhandler


    do you filter the stats by number of remaining players or blind levels?
  • chenny8888


    using stats in SNGs... according to this vid - you don't ;) you used them 2-3 times total...

    but it was informing nonetheless, I liked it.

    Most of our spots are just based on other things (besides how they play).

    @013paul: generally check/call check/fold. We can also bet the turn smallish and check/fold the river.. assuming blank cards.
  • chenny8888


    @5 Number of remaining players. I would say blind levels is better filter provided you have a very large sample size of data to draw on.

    @4 Yes it's exploitable but I think that people are not ever exploiting this at this limit so I'm fine with it. I'd say at higher limits you should call there just to keep your opponents in line and keep them from having a profitable ATC resteal :P.

    @3 If we are OOP I think check/raising opens us up to floats and getting owned too much on the turn/river. If we are IP I think we can call because this allows us to see what he does on the turn first before making our decision. Either way I don't like raising "for information". I will raise for value or as a bluff only

    @2 Yeah it's no secret that I use the actual stats very rarely in SNGs.. most of our spots play themselves. We use stats to help us in the less common situations where we have a marginal/difficult decision.

    @1 I have no affiliation with the people in charge of PSElephant development
  • fastroller


    hey chenny which stats are you using for the hud?
  • Ceramic


    i really disagree with you on the first hand. I would always check/fold on that flop because -
    1. you are OOP
    2. If you get raised(which is very likely in 5-way pot, with 4 others to act + the UTG Preflopagressor, you would always have to fold
    3. If you get called, there are so many scare cards on the turn and you would very likely behind with top pair + you only option is most often to check/fold(maby check/call the river if turn
  • Ceramic


    and offcourse 2/3 of my post is gone??
  • sylwusia


    Unfortunetely, in this review u really rarelly use stats... Could u tell, why u in last 2 hands, was up to call atom or lovelylemons?
  • sylwusia


    And i forgot... I really enjoy your videos:)
  • thebigticket


    hi chenny8888, you make the best sng videos here, they help me a lot.
    One question: You mentioned that alot of players fold too much to steals.
    So what numbers of fold sb and bb to steal would be alright? Also my attempt to steal is about 40? Is that too much?
  • s0cru3l


    Great video!

    I have one question on you.
    It was the KK hand at 14:53. I usually go AI - do I loose some equity with this AI? Is it better to play normal 3bet?

    I prefer AI, because i am scared of A-high flops. Lets say the oponnent checks to us and we have only one PSB - what are we going to do?
  • s0cru3l


    I wanted to say:
    flop came Axx and:

    Lets say the oponnent checks to us and we have only one PSB - what are we going to do?