NL $25 BSS Fullring

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Fullring
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  • darkonebg


    Really nice session, you are playing by the book, as well as explaining your decisions...
    Your english is fine btw, i understand everything!
  • darkonebg


    and btw Im not rly enjoying seeing some1
    lose money over a donkey who called a preflop raise with 74, but if it makes you feel that way, you should rly teach me your non-tilting techniques :D
  • Talic


    Another shortstack, I like It! ...What the hell are they doing here, they can't even beat the rake, thats fact!

    lol, I'm starting to love your videos hasenbraten, btw. be-er pronunciation, but watch out for samsing :-D
  • SalamiandCheese


    But of course you can't change zat :D
  • mouse89


  • alaska222


    nice video, liked the fish with 74, next hand he called down 3 streets with A high and won, if I´m right...

    My biggest problem is not folding weak hand, but seeing your videos I got many good ideas.. Thanks alot. Btw, you are pretty funny...
  • BoyRobot777


    hehe, i luv your videos, earlier i posted that i dont see a lot of action in bronze section from you,now the view got way way better :) thx for making them !
  • TheBrood


    I need to play more aggro my mid OP and raise only 3BB vs shorties, thnx mate.

    "Go away stupid banner" lol
  • zendera


    nice session
  • ElCreaDor


    Nice session, by the book as som1 already noted.

    I only advise you to play your hands the way you feel, while recording, even if it is in conflict with the starting hand chart. In that way we would get more value from your videos (I am referring to the 77 call on the button, while your finger was itching for a raise, and I am sure you would have raised if you weren't recording).

    Thanks for the video! :)
  • Bushilla


    shit movie
  • alister15


    Nice vid.
    Like ElCreaDor said it would be good if you played how you did usually, instead of following the starting hands chart. Like the 77, i would have raised that so it would be helpful for us to see how you played it.

    Thanks for making videos :)
  • pearlamb


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