HU Strategy - Part 3

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $10/$20
  • Heads-up
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Byron Jacobs, publisher of multiple poker books such as "How good is your Limit Hold'em", brings you part 3 of his HU strategy series.


HU Strategy series Session Review

Comments (11)

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  • CBFunk


    Viel Spaß
  • krason


    Let me translate: Have Fun
  • Play4forlife


    Great 5 mins of listening, really interesting how such a tiny decision, wether to call or to raise, can be influenced by so many factors.

    offtopic: Is it right that english and german comments are separated? That should make it pretty hard to get and give feedback and be assured Byron reads it.
    Just my opinion.
  • OnkelHotte


    @3: I agree that this is not optimal and we will reconsider this.
    But be assured that Byron takes currently care for both, german and english comments :-)
  • Play4forlife


    Thx for the fast answer and nice that this actually is reconsidered.
  • abcde23


  • abcde23


  • abcde23


    @3und4 Wenn es euch nicht gefällt, könnt ihr ruhig vorspulen! Ich bin selbst kein FL Spieler, habe aber trotzdem alle 3 Teile gerade deswegen geguckt, weil er seine Gedankengänge zu 100% rüberbringt. Und das ist, was ich von einem Video auch mitnehmen will! Für die 5 Minuten hat es mir übrigens gar nicht leidgetan, denn da steckte schon einiges an Content drin.
    P.S. sorry für Multiposting, euere Seite erkennt den Zeichen "und" nicht!!
  • lifeisagame69


    On the second hand, the 3d4d, would you c/c with 45 too?
    after the c/c flop, do you try to pick up the pot by some c/r or some donk on some turn?
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    very nice video, especially the call Flop raise Turn Purebluff.
    Well, your analysis is not exact as you said, if you want to do that you have to count the handcombos of Villains Range.

    But you could do it more precise if you choose the option "enumerate" in the equilator and then quilate only up to the turn. As you said, you want a fold on the turn directly and give up your bluff on the River, this qould be a more precise option for calculating how much foldequity you have.

    Another question: don't you have to include your float on the flop into your calculation? As you give Villain the whole prefloprange after his turnbet, your assumption is that he bets the turn to 100%.

    So your Flopcall also belongs to your bluff, you can't call correctly on your Outs.

    So your investment is 50$ to win 90$, so you have win in 5 out of 14 cases.

    Sometimes you iprove with a T or 8, but sometimes you won't bluff if the turn brings a K or Q, so to simpliefy that, I don't consider these cass, though you would be benefit of them.

    So your foldequity has to be 5/14 = 35,71%

    so it's not that clear any more, if he calls Khigh on the Turn and fold on the River agaonst Free-SD-raises o sth. like that the bluff will be bad probably (as you don't bluff the river).

    But not including your flopcall to your bluff is a misake by you I think.
  • taavi1337


    Liked the video.

    The purebluff turnraise: Do you expect him to fire 100% of his range on the turn? I think that if I were him I would c/f some of my garbage. Actually his turnbet probably polarizes his range as he might c/c stuff like KQ or 22.