Advanced Openraising

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In this video you will learn about the more sophisticated starting hand selection on a fullring table. You will also learn to define your position on the table more accurately to help you categorize your starting hands even further. Also during this video you will receive a very detailed starting hands chart, it will be your guide as you refine your preflop play.


openraising Theory Video

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  • adimann007


  • natali22060


    no english rus
  • rifearmo85


  • Corono


    nicht wirklich neu, aber die stimme ist angenehm
  • Teyiebuns


    Can I view the chart you refer to in the video anywhere on the site?
  • LGrant


    Hi there Teyiebuns,

    You will find the chart in the strategy article that goes along with this video.

    Here is the link:

    regards Lisag
  • Venezuelamor


    Just one comment : very good mathematical video of course. Just one thing which I regret : the starting hand chart is a good indication but at the table, it's so obvious that everybody whatches the other players and plays accordingly. The way they raise and bet is the main indication about what they might have, and what their bet means, and so forth... So it is what I regret in here, on Pokerstrategy, that it is always very mathematical, and there is too little about that. It shouldn't be something "instead", but I mean it would be a bonus. It's just my opinion.
  • Rockynok


    good video
  • Tim64


    nice - always wondered what a pot-sized raise was :/
  • Maarteen


    Pity it primarily focuses on full-ring. At least I did not have any troubles finding some other materials / videos for short-handed game.