Crushing NL50 - Part 1

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  • $5 - $50
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In the first part of his series, Hasenbraten talks about the principle of EV-maximisation, the starting hands chart, blind stealing, isolation, domination and how to apply those concepts.


Crushing NL50 Theory Video

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  • DieLegendeT


  • hasenbraten


    seriously - did you actually speed up lisa's voice to fit my speed of speech? :D
  • pappenheimer


    lol es ging los und ich dachte sie hätten hasenbraten in die eier getreten!
  • palaidnis


    helpfull video
  • ThirdChoise


    nice opening, nice video
  • Justgame


  • Fagin


    interesting video - liked the style and the content was a useful refresher. Will look out for the next one!
  • Skeat


    Is this the same as in the german serie?
  • Amokeeva


    эту фишку они у дъюсес кракед сперли - там весь материал так подается уже лет сто.-)
  • skatemaza


    i dont want to hear a woman which even does not know what she is talking about! I WANT HASENBRATEN! WTF IS THIS?! FACEPALM!
  • krason


    "In the first part of his series, Hasenbraten talks about the principle of EV-maximisation..."
  • tokyoaces


    Anyone else find Hasenbraten himself easier to understand than the announcer girl? It sounds like she's reading an essay or something.
  • Schmitten


    huch, geht gar nicht. Skip.
  • joseferraz


    nice vid, great work!
  • duovit13


    ещё бы спикать по-английски...
  • RoB383


    I liked...
  • bowl112


    Facepalm cuz of sounding like a computervoice - no offense, its simply way too fast.

    Speak your own style hasen - even if i am not a fan of you, this is way behind your standards.

  • fuselzwerg


    way to fast ...

    and i stop watching this after a few minutes cuz of upcoming headaches

    hopefully this is a joke and tomorrow we will get the real vid
  • CBFunk



    Yes, it´s a translation of the German series
  • Fongie


    omg did you have to dub it, couldnt hasen do it instead :( impossible to listen to seriously this, think it's a very good series though (I tried to make some sense out of it when it was only in german actually :P)
  • biij


    получается 27.28.2009 вышла немецкая версия а на английский только сейчас перевели?
  • biij


    ненавижу british english, прям 3.14 как коверкают слова, американский вариант намного понятнее для русского уха
  • OnkelHotte


    Guys I think its as fast as Hasenbraten speaks. And there were no complaints in the german version:-)
  • robpettitt


    Really good video for where I am at the moment, ie winning NL10 and struggling a bit moving up to NL25. Have already started to isolate more with some success. Could Hasenbraten do a series of session reviews where he applies the concepts from the last video? Many thanks anyway :)
  • jp21


    #5 как бы вые:нулся)
  • Gramond


    а когда будет продолжение?
    еще должны быть 7 частей
  • Peachee


    She's so fast :o
  • gavinonymous


    I agree, I prefer hasenbraten. it's more sincere and personal.
  • xubooo


    Let's crush it
  • JiBBooM


    #6 ну самого Хазена мне действительно проще слушать чем эту девушку.
  • msampi


    Muy bueno! Yo lo recomiendo......quizas porque no entendí nada por estar en inglés jajajaja, no! broma, se entiende bastante claro, pero quizas habla demasiado rápido....pero se entiende!
  • AdamLaw33


    good vid..i agree with others on voices..
  • sttoil


    molq prevedete gi !!!
  • Gibouille


    elle parle bien mais un peu trop vite.
    Nice accent but she speaks a bit too fast.

    Et aussi elle chuinte
    and she hisses
  • DessiP


    В процес на превод са част 1 и 2 :)

  • irregularity


    Whats wrong with the girl? Sounds a little like Vicky Coren, and I am sure she is meant to sound serious.
  • irregularity


    It seems at times they have put her into fast forward, that's what makes it a little hard to listen too.
  • DonPhoensi


    liked it ... much content in little time... Die Stimme versteht man gut.
  • hasenbraten


    well i gotta give lisa props for speaking in english as quick as i am in german. even though sometimes it sounds like its been played at 1.1* times speed :D
  • 098799


    No offence to hasenbraten, but I listen to this girl with real pleasure.
  • hasenbraten


    that discussion was already fought on several pages in the german forums. its not the "old" definition and obviously even tangles with it a bit at some point but i am still sure that when you try to use this one instead its actually able to help you in more situations finding the right play then the old one was
  • DessiP


    Видеото вече е на български език. :)


  • 33gao


    The opening is really cool!
  • Waiboy


    <3 for the Bond homage intro. Epic.
  • Kogtistiy


    Ну не знаю, мне лично девушка больше нравится. Хазенбратен вообще с жестким немецким акцентом говорит, какой же это американский английский? :)
  • jonbondavid

    #47 the speed
    is she multitabling :-p
  • wowadvisor


    I love her accent and find her great to listen to, the series is great as well.

    Yes her voice has been speeded up at a lot of points to make the video around the 40 minute mark i think...

    thank you pokerstrategy for translating this really good series... i hope more videos will come soon
  • ThousandEyes


    Да уж, британский английский - это писец, извините. Произношение, ударение, всё режет слух. :(
    Даёшь видео на человеческом английском >.<
  • stevegold87


    FUCK the intro is amazing.
  • betswing


    Голос Лисы Браун просто секси:). Очень приятно ее слушать. Безупречный британский язык - эх, если бы еще все понимать. Многое ускользало. Наверное, послушаю сейчас еще раз.
  • blackops888


    Epic opening soundtrack. I would like to listen to this one in the moment of my first login after reaching Black Member status :) lol
  • happyteerak


    great video very informative and thught provoking. I like the voice over, it is better then listening to very badly pronounced and poor grammer engish! She has a pleasant and listenable voice as well.
  • Kaff4eG1


    Английский он и в Африке английский =) нормальное произношение =)
  • Metaller1988


    ... the speed gives me some headaches, but well, if it helps it might be worth it.
  • JoaoMartins


    I actually like the video. Her voice is so neutral, I can actually focus better on what she is saying.
  • zekameka


    great video, opening is awesome, but i better listen to hasenbraten than to lisa.
  • Mirkotoscano


    For my level, this video was good. Only she talks too fast. I understand what she say, but sound such as "innatural speedy". Maybe do you have accelerated it a bit to not make a video too much long?
  • luloman


    Excellent, really helped, clear and precise, nice examples, nice pronounciation also. The speedy voice just makes me have to concentrate even more, and that way i learn more and faster, hehe :D
  • PeanutMagic


    love her :D
  • fruitcake1


    allot of info. for Basic level, who needs bronze?
  • fruitcake1


    and very professional, i may now even sign up to party poker.
  • konankim11


    great video,thx
  • Duchesst


    i liked the voice, its understandable en there are no annoying sighs and stuff
  • Elroch


    Superb introductory video. Really quite advanced (to those at my level), but entirely clear and instructive.
  • RiseandStrive


    don't listen to those wretched punks Lisa - U R doing great ;)
  • Rastlin1


    anyone else having issues playing the video?
  • djrolphy


    me, I see the pokerstrategy intro and then a msg appears saying a system error has occurred error code: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound
  • Tuvoc


    Me too !
  • Zarkorama


    Please fix!
  • oads


    stream down genauso wie die deutschen parts :(
  • yinyun


    I'm almost in love with Lisa's voice! And what I like most is that she doesn't try to be dead serious but rather enjoys the text what she's reading.
    Though this video was a bit too fast, but still ok.

    I think the thing is that you guys are so used to hasenbratens voice that everything other sound weird. Like some Germans do not like listen Hollywood actors speaking in English because they used to voice dubbers.
  • FingersMalone


    It's a good video, but why do the examples feature a NL 25 game, given the series is called Crushing NL 50? (It is not a big deal, but I feel it would better with the blinds being the right size for the game.)
  • joejoemrjoe


    What does she mean when she says "there are also situations where you can even raise any 2" (16.45)? She doesn't simply mean raising if you have a 2 does she, cos surely thats a very weak hand???
  • joejoemrjoe


    "he has one to twenty since we only need 80 big blinds, but we still have 95 behind" (19.20). What does this mean?? I have no idea o.O
  • Harnas31


    i dont have problem with her voice or speed
    nice intro
  • Sprattel


    The speed of her speech is too fast for me. I hear what she is saying but the difficulties come in when you are trying to learn at the same time. the speech itself okay but when you need all your focus to deal with the new information it's too fast.

    otherwise good vid.
  • ishallpass0


    I had to listen twice to understand everything, way too fast for me. Im not a native speaker.
  • MarkusYl


    I understood everything perfectly.
  • Raknyo


    I loved this video, speaker was perfect for me. Nice job and looking forward to watching the rest of this!
  • Th334


    Oh, yeah, indeed I loved the speaker. Come on, what are you complaining about? Female voice is by default more pleasant to an average ear. It's just the way we were created (or evolved, whatever).

    @78, I'm not a native speaker either, but it's very clear, honestly. Very very. Try listening to some TV-shows with Scottish accent or something. You'll see the difference :)
  • Tavore


    After that intro, I gotta admit, I was pretty disappointed when James Bond wasn't doing the lesson...
  • Laci24


    Really good video!! :)
  • ZtefS


    I am very pleased with this series, I will watching with attention every video!
  • aloureiropt


    gooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooo
  • Bayesm


    nice video :)