Push or Fold - Part 1

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In the first part of his SnG beginner series, Steinek talks about poker mindset: the concept of small edges, bankroll management and non-result oriented thinking.


push or fold

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  • amokoma


  • Eco024


    Nice refresh of concepts. I liked it, thanks!
  • oblitron


    Great video, the dice example was very good at explaining the importance of BRM. Just a small thing in your calculation, the EV is 1.10$, not 1.05$ :)

    Looking forward to the next parts!
  • ozkteam


    just what i was looking for... hate to be unsure in the late stages of sng... thnx, great stuff :)
  • infernokiev


    Прекрасное видео - для начинающих надо смотреть в обязательном порядке. И живые сессии у автора очень крутые - один из лучших тренеров ФР СНГ, я считаю.
  • AceGaylord


    Quote: "And maybe your livingroom will look like this!"
    Wow! Awesome, please make more video's :p
  • svelgen


    thank you for this video and for the whole series to come... when are you planning to release the next one ?
  • wertus100


  • Bezeal


    Great video, looking forward to the next.
  • neolt1983LT


  • Toluvel


    very nice vid, interesting, well-presented input.

    Good job on this one, this will definitely help many players a lot!

  • fusionpk


    oblitron, you are wrong 1/20 = 0.05 not 0.1
  • steinek


    oblitron is right, thank you. I am very sorry for such a banal mistake but the argumentation is still the same.
    I do not know when exactly the videos are published but it will be pretty regularly.
  • Shmanev


    нужен перевод!
  • kingofACES08


  • feinfuehl


  • Takeiteazy


    Nice video! It helped me alot, thankyou :)
  • gadget51


    I liked this because it tells me 'why' not just 'what.' Ty. :)
  • Dzianis79


    Мне понравилось.нормально.
  • PHunter


    Very nice job!
    I'm already waiting the next!
  • ListigerLux


  • k4m1l0z


    v cool
  • spartacusro


  • crislago


    Gostei muito do método de ensino, com perguntas que reforçam a memorização e com o teste final!! excelente!
  • bordzter


    great video.. learned a lot about SNG


    I loved it! :)
  • Johanneseurope


    IHR DEPPEN....

    Meine Frage:

    Was ist, wenn man 50 $ hat,
    aber nicht weiß, ob sein Play + oder - EV is ???

    So ging es mir am Anfang, darauf hat das Video auch keine Antwort, generell finde ich es gut, aber da der Anfänger ja nicht wissen kann, ob er bei seiner momentanen Spielweise überhaupt ne Edge hat, ist dieser Abschnitt des Videos nicht 100% seriös.

    MFG JJ
  • Johanneseurope


    also ihr Deppen bezieht sich auf die
    ganzen #erster-Leute btw
  • steinek


    Hi, aber wie soll den ein Video darauf eine Antwort geben können? Es gibt schier unendlich viele verschiedene Situationen, die natürlich nicht abgedeckt werden können.
    Im Rest der Serie lernt man ja, wie man in den entsprechenden Phasen +EV spielt, aber das ist selbstverständlich gerade der schwierigste Teil und wenn man das so einfach sehen könnte, gäbe es wohl nicht so viele Fische.
    Vielleicht habe ich aber auch deine Kritik nicht richtig verstanden, dann hake einfach noch einmal nach.
  • AquamanBT


    Nice, nice video. Non-result oriented thinking is the most important thing in this game and lots of time we forget. That concept most likely will get you off tilt.
  • Zurat


    Excelente vídeo. Sistematização muito clara.
  • DeathDevil


    Gibt es die Videos über Push or Fold auch in Deutsch. Mein Englisch ist nicht so toll!
  • steinek


    Hi, ja. Einfach mal alle Filter auf Deutsch stellen, dann solltest du sie finden.
  • drummerjv


    Да, infernokiev, ты прав.. К тому же стимулирует настраиваться на позитив.
  • MetalistULTRAS


    thanx a lot! very nice video.

    Согласен с infernokiev. Хорошо объясняет, для начинающих - то, что надо.
  • ikarrri


    Great series! Thanks a lot!
  • Mikomika


    I am a beginner and I luckily won 400$ in a tournament. What I need now is someone like you to tell me that the 400$ doesn't represent my actual strength AT ALL and I have to be very careful not starting to gamble. So thanks for this video ;-) Looking forward to watch the other ones!
  • DieisonStein


    Very good man. Thanks!
  • nathanrenard


    Thanks Steinek. Watched this video (all 5) last week. Modified my mindset and now managed to go up to $6 with a 1% rule.
  • BadBeatFil


    Thanks, Steinek
    Nice video, brings people back on their feet and gives them hope.
    So, improve, improve, improve... is the message.
    Looking forward to see the sequels.
  • CardGenius2010


    thank you


    do a bluff show and ah eh im the cooler player

    i laughed so hard at that one, anyways this episode was not for me :(


    thanks for the vid dude love the pic of the pig in the middle somewhere that broke it up quite nicely. ty
  • Monarc2010


    Oh man these video series was great! It should me some very very large flaws in my game! I missed out on a lot of easy pots when i was playing!
    I already started applying this to my game and this is making poker fun again.
    Thanks Steinek
  • brydon10


    Excellent, heading to video 2! Thank you very much for this series, you have changed my outlook already.
  • SeanKelly


    Fantastic video, really enjoyed it. The very important foundations of building a bankroll and improving yourself as a player are right here. Definitely gonna watch the other parts, keep up the good work (H).
  • DaveyBlues


    Great video 10/10, thanks for making it.
  • JonnyJr555


    Before watching this video i was a bit ( may be too much) of result oriented attitude, now i know what i should focus on and how to think non result oriented!
    Thanks pokerstrategy :)
  • markoAs999


    very very good video! bravo!
  • Reastlin


    Good "first contact" with SnG's
  • Magn1f1cent


    nice series of vids. gonna watch em all
  • worm5


    nice video! Interesting content. thanks
  • p0kersandi


    great video!
  • gp00053


    Great Series. Must watch if you intend on playing S&G's successfully
    Thanks for the knowledge looking forward to the rest of the series
  • denetomtom


    Great video, found the dice example very helpful in explaining BRM.
    Will definitly be following the 2% rule.
    Look forward to watching the rest of series. Thanks
  • whytheluckystrike


    I loved the bit where you said "yea! I made $3 in two week!" haha
  • fnssm


    Isn't it

    EV = (11/20)*2 + (9/20)* (-1) ????

    Because there is a probability of loosing our invested dollar wich is 9/11.
  • fnssm


  • ilovemagic


    sick vid man...very informative and funny accent on ya keeps me interested lol
  • Gunn56


    nice vid gonna do the whole series . seem to learn better with videos then reading .
  • Stabillo


    very nice video!!
  • Scouby


    really great
  • anisometropie


    best video about beginning poker !
  • Sotodo


    The EV calculation is different:
    5%*11=55%/100=0.55 5%*9=45%/100=0.45
    EV=[probability of losing*(-lost money))+(probability of winning*money won)]

  • golaking


    Excellent video, refreshed the main concepts for a solid SNG starting block. Looking forward to the next one! Got me thinking about my +EV in certain situations.
  • AltarEgo


    brilliantly simple and well explained - great video steinek.

    all the starting fundamentals are here in terms of mindset and managing your money
  • sdsbates


    Just watched this for a second time, excellent advice throughout, will be watching part 2 tomorrow!
  • Guvenoren


    Great video even though it's pretty basic!
  • Tristann18


    45% of the cases he will be broke? Because 12-20 shows? That's when we lose and he will win. 3 straight win for him is: 0,45x0,45x0,45 = 9,1 %
    and for us 0,55x0,55x0,55 = 16,6%.
    So were do you get the 11 % from ?