NL $10 BSS Fullring

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $10
  • Fullring
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Live Video Titan Poker

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  • AcessUP


    wow!!!! that loss vs. the 2 pair was sick!
  • request9999


    If the author could stop coughing and making nasal noises in next videos it would be nice.

    Content is as good as always ...
  • nollelva


    Titan looks nice.
  • ukino


    #2 didn't really disturb me
  • cantbeatu


    please dont have bird flu on the next video :(
  • cantbeatu


    can i ask if this play would work at higher limits ?
  • Traxion2k


    #6 yes i think this will work at higher limits
  • mouse89


  • fun101rockets


    this works at higher limits
  • xy718yx


    nice video thanks
  • BoyRobot777


    more i watch your videos, more i see that you're kinda tight, which often leads you having a good hand others just folding, thats why i hardly see some actions here. over all nice video,but am hoping that on silver lvl or others, i'll see you play more agressive. ! cheers
  • SheepMoose


    Haha, you're funny as man.
    "Don't raise, no too many limper's you can't raise, yes!" :D