iPlay Nanostakes - Part 1

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  • NL SSS
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In the first part of his series, Gerv shows you how use the Starting Hand Chart and reviews some hands using the Equilator.


iPlay Nanostakes

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  • rofelmat0r


    why make a beginner series for SSS, while SSS is dying on most Platforms?
  • Justgame


    make deposit ~100 fnd play nl5 bss
  • Justgame


  • Gerv


    Seems like I had my microphone a little too close so I will pay attention to that next time.

    If you got any questions, remarks, feedback regarding this video - feel free to reply

    Have fun!
  • delyron


    yeah I learned that your sss video remembers my shots for sss.. losing 80% of the times while 4-1 favor
  • MattCoz


    good video, looking forward to more English videos from you :)
  • Predi1337


    Mister Gerv <3
  • Teyiebuns


    I enjoyed the video (yes I watched it all!) and look forward to the next video :D
  • Herosista


    Sesja suckoutów :)
  • Heffron89


    Gerv!! ur the best man!! ;)
  • Beta5643


    because it becomes more profitable when less players are playing it :-P
  • ameisenmann


    His voice Sounds like my old Amiga 500 when i typed something in and let it play back. incredible...
  • Gerv


    I hope that's a good thing #4 , my apologizes (Entschuldigung?) for breathing in the microphone
  • ameisenmann


    Entschuldigung angenommen (apology accepted) :)
    Yes! It reminded me of the good old times. I liked it so much as a kid. You can download an example here:
    It is no virus, trust me.
  • Wizzzl65


    @1 make $$$ until its over
  • Rootbox


    Good video.
  • GrimTheCat


    wow, HS! :O
  • HighRoller08


    Good video :-) It makes me want to play SSS at Party Poker lol
  • anplayer01


    poorly played hand when u hit k on turn with your kj. If the guy doesn't bet on the flop but min raises you on the turn i put him on slow played qqq on that board. I think more pot control can definately be used in that hand a call then a small raise on river can definately judge his reaction and raises to see if he has a q for trips. So many other ways to play that hand and keep some of your chips
  • Gerv


    Whilst he surely has Qx in his range, i think we as shortstackers are easily committed as soon as we bet. Furthermore the strategy describes that one can play TP J+ kicker and I purely believe worse Kx or even middle PP, pairs will call off 2 streets.
    To keep it simplified I play it this way and for me playing it different requires statistics and then I might agree with you.
  • Fistor


    30bb min xD
  • AdamLaw33


    Thanks Gerv..
  • Sinnology


    THx for video, its great.
    looking forward to see others
  • noclaninator


    The KJ hand was played fine. Marginal spot however. Some fun facts!

    -Assuming a range of Ax, K7+, Q9+, JT, 22+ for each player; you are beat about 37% of the time

    -Also assuming a range of Ax K7+ Q9+ JT 22+ and a calling range of QQ+ 33 AK AQ K7+ Q9+ on the turn, by my math the expected value of the bet/shove line is about +0.06 before rake. You will pay rake about 22% of the time (the times that you end up going all in and winning) and since partypoker micro limits charge 10% rake that means an average of about 2 cents of that is eaten up in rake for a net profit of +0.04

    Welcome to marginal land :D
  • Gerv


    I didn't knew PartyPoker was charging 10% rake, wow. I only knew about FTP's 7% rake on uNL
  • RockEye


    It seems the SSS has come to an end at Party, as of 21.april Party changed their buy in structure too. So there are only 2-4 tables with 20BB buy in avalible at peek time. RIP Party SSS! I'll have to leave 175$ bonus i'll never gonna release playing BSS NL10
  • ZergZoul


    Thanks, I just started playing NL
  • Esprit03


    How much money he loosed and how much won? For this moment I dont belive this strategy. Next problem is that everyone knows shortstack strategy. Another point is that we pay a lot of blinds and play much more tables than with bss to make money. This is not a poker. I recomend play NL10 with SSS. A lot of fishes too but not so much idiots who must see a river at all costs.
  • Gerv


    I made like 8k shortstacking
  • BigAl123456


    Hey Gerv, the guy with kings when you had aces. do u take note that he min riasers with big pocket pairs or do just mark him as another idiot cause he bet 2 c into a 32c pot?
  • Gerv


    I think i will do both on the higher limits.
    But it doesnt hurt you that much if start noting this anyways in case he shows up at your tables more often + you already take notes on auto-pilot which means you have a bigger advantage when moving up the limits
  • lopealcazar


    Thank you! Nice to see the theory into practice!
  • TashaMcl


    enjoyed watching the video, refreshing my sss knowledge, thanks
  • fer86bd


    Does it really works?? playing only that hands, people realize and never call. I'm rookie, and i want to know, if this really works, because i doesn't see my bankroll increasing
  • Gerv


    Poker is a game of { SMALL } edges so even though you make the best plays, you can still lose hands.
    If you play thousands and thousands of hands one will see their bankroll increasing.
    A lot of pro's are saying that Poker is One Big Poker Session and therefore they are not looking at their day's result.

    If you need some help then there is always the Hand Evaluations section and Public SSS Coachings for you!
    Best regards,
  • ManicMimic


    Wow This will Help me with my first bankroll :) very excited!


    If someone raises to 4bb, we go all in with playable hands. But if he raises to 3bb instead of 4bb, should we go all in?
  • Gerv


    Yes it says ''if we see a raise in front of us'' so that includes 3bb as well


    How about 2.5bb? thanks
  • Gerv


    Basically one can say: when in doubt , shoving is better than raising 3 or 4x times his raise.

    If you think Raising smaller and shove any Flop is giving you a better expected value than shoving or vice-versa
    Then you should do the move that gives you the best expected value
    By default I just shove against 3bb+ raises
  • Bburaurl


    Damn, so many bad beats and coolers... Partypoker RNG is realy creepy:D

    P.S. pai_devochka must be russian or Ukrainian, her nickname means "good girl" =)
  • KnoTMkI


    Although not as low-variance as it used to be, you can play NL2 SSS on shallow tables on some platforms, if you say have 7-10$ you won on some MTT or freeroll.
    In my experience though:
    1. 3bb openraise is enough from all positions. You generally maintain your original fold equity, and save more when you have to fold reraises.
    2. Use of statistics is a must if you want more edge, an decrease your variance (which you do, since you have scratch if you play this limit)
    3. A reraise of a tight shortstack ( = you) feels stronger than a push. You should still push in most standard cases.
  • KnoTMkI


    PS: I've played 9309 hands on this limit at FTP starting with 7,05$ I won on MTT (bought tickets for points)
    I'm currently at 13,45$, with having spent a further dollar on tournament (which I lost).
    So I'd say you need patience, just as with any other type of poker.
  • KnoTMkI


    Oh, and just 1 more:

    4. It may be wiser to bank out as soon as you double up, or reach 0,55-0,60$. You should do this for a number of reasons, such as decreasing your gameplay variance and leave tables where you have shown exactly how TAG-ish you play your Aces. :) You should also immediately leave any table where you feel frustrated over some fish, to avoid tilting.
  • VictoBurgZ


    Does this strategy work on tournaments as well?
  • reflex18


    Nice video, but i ahde a question where i can download the pdf file what was you reading?
  • Remontoir


    In the SSS strategy article section. I think its the "intro to SSS" or something.
  • ThisAintPoker


    Really helpful video! Will be looking forward to your trainings, too bad i missed today's one ;o This video really helped me to understand better how to deal with some kind of flops (:
  • 6attitude9


    I was curious how many hands did u play in that session when u made the video ?
    I'm asking because it look like u were playing 4 tables only, yet u hit monster hands so often.
  • churchilland


    where we can find that pdf file with SSS? I know that we have articles on website but would be nice to see everything on pdf file like in video
  • Gerv


    You can download everything here:

    Or manually: Strategy -> MSS/SSS -> Basic section and then click on ''What is the Shortstack strategy''

    Hope it helps!

    #49, yes that is me playing!
  • koeketiene


    You explain it clearly and calm ... nice !!! Just the microphone whistles !
  • sadat022


    the thing about all-in is that when you lose you lose a big amount. but most of the time players are going to fold so i am not really winning big by going all-in since they are not calling. but when i lose its a big amount.

    for example, chances of winning with AA vs 8Ts as in your first hand is 4:1. so, we can also assume that not all players will call with 8Ts if they miss the flop. so our stack don't really double up here. we will only win like 5 big blinds each time. but that one time 8Ts wins is going to put all our winnings at stake here? since we go all-in. so how is this mathematically effective in the long run?
  • magicmonkey101


    Good video. Some of the games with shallow stacks on FTP and Stars have a lot of early limpers with big cards, so raising with 99 in late position might not work. Reraisers in Zoom and Rush poker also have AK upwards, I can't see any value from calling them with JJ or TT with a 50 BB stack. Avoiding low pairs still seems good play for all games.

    P.S the point about all in with a hand that wins 80 times out of 100 is the odds remain the same for the next outcome. The winner won't win just 79 more times and take just 10 BB this time, they have won the 10 BB and will still be an 80/20 fav every time they play the same hands. A short stack strategy helps players with lower bankrolls cover the few times you lose out of 100---- "play enough hands you will get it all back".. to quote the video.
  • KKKKypros


    Very good video!!!! Thank you very much
  • SirPaulius


    good old days...
  • MajesticOdds


    does anyone know where they allow 40bb starting stack? I know poker mira do but there's 1 or 2 tables at a time and I don't trust them as a company.