SH MTT $70-Turbo – Part 1

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $75
  • Shorthanded
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JonathanLittle played a $70 Turbo Tournament on PokerStars.


PokerStars Session Review SH MTT $70-Turbo

Comments (31)

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  • Konti23


  • PaxiFixi


    startet bei mir nicht
  • Konti23


    works fine for me. Just wait a few seconds :)
  • Wills


    min 13: why u bet the turn? i would prefer cb turn/call river to let him bluff worse hands
    if u dont think, he is calling at the turn with hands like he had, why bet the turn then?? (you even said afterwards, that his play was really bad, but if u dont expect him to play this way, you should cb turn or u are turning your pretty good hand (gutter+ocs) into a bluff and i dont like that)

    and the commentary about the Ax top pair in bvb vs villains big turn bet with the flush was very interesting...but i think overall u should play a 70$ tournament the same way like a 1000$+ mtt (if the villains are "the same") just dont care that much about 70 bucks and therefore you made that move, but thats not very advanced like u said, maybe its just an excuse
    im not saying, that i dont understand your play, im doing the same, too
    but i guess its really not that good

    interesting vid nonetheless
  • Wills


    ok, watched the rest now
    this vid is just sick, feels like kind of an april-fool
    your plays suck many times, but vs those retard-villains your often good (like the AJ-shove lol)

    dont know, what to think about this vid, its just entertaining

    but u said today u would shove over the smallish cr on the KJ4 with your A4 ...
    you dont know anything about the enemy and want to risk your tourney just because you think he MIGHT be SOMETIMES bluff-cr there coz of his big stack? your stack is big too and assuming his small bet=weak is also very very speculative
  • PushMeDirty


    что-то я его мува с тт не понимаю
    Мож кто объяснит как он это мотивирует?
  • xkinghighx


    about the enemy?? lol good english ^^
  • LeeLo4ka


    Мне тоже не понятно зачем пушить десятки в самом начале. Может это был ребайник...
  • borden7


    9:30 что за мув А4... жесть
  • Schris7


    i usually enjoy and learn a lot from your videos. this is the first time i get nothing from a video. i dont know if your play is too advanced for me or i am such a bad mtt player.I would never done most of your moves as the reshove after villain overbetting the turn and u reshove with Apair(about 7.3min) or your AJ shove (15min) or the AJ shove (19min)Also where did u find these opponents !higher bis means worse players ? i ve never seen in my games such many bad players and moves except if its a freeroll.
  • Kingdrosse


    Bingo !!!!
  • Carty


    you said the bad players often get lucky (88 vs QQ) hand later you sucked his kings shoving AJ with 35 BB ... that´s ridiculous
  • H4nd0fMida5


    wieso kann wills das ganze vid sehen?
  • EvgenAleshkin


    На 35 секунде вырубил
  • voinseven


    to 1# "...в таком турнире нужен большой стек и уже достаточно для пуша ТТ, игра здесь идет очень лузовая и я часто так делаю с валетами иногда дамами и королями, но реже..."
  • voinseven


    а там ещё он сказал что часто его будет коллировать руки которые он будет доминировать и это выгодно
  • voinseven


    офигеть ребята на лимите 70 долларов играют, но лимите 1 и то тайтовее в 500 раз хД
  • Wills


    yeah #6...thats the only funny/interesting thing u noticed here?

    #9 maybe because I have some rL friends
  • Scratchwzp


    Че за сумасшествие? 0_О
  • Huckebein


    @1: I found the video very interesting. It is amazing, how bad the other players are, and Jonathan clearly comments some of his bad moves and he didnt like it as well.

    The most important thing in videos is not making no errors, but commenting your action in the right way. I suppose you can learn a lot from the video. It is really funny how spewy the game is......
  • pils3


    i love jon little´s vids, hope to see more soon.

    as you said during the vid, some plays look kinda foolish, but noticing the thoughts behind the plays is what makes a good player.

    @wills: the A4 on KJ4 hand is not a default reraise push for sure. but the small c/r from an aggressive bigstack can be just any two cards, while he can call the shove there probably only with hands that beat AK.
    I´m not 100% sure, but it might be alright in this spot.

    but i disagree slightly about the oddscall discussion in the end, where you said, you needed 42% equity in a 38% spot.
    you do not risk to bust, but to drop from like 45bb to 40bb or jump up to 52bb. i guess, in this situation a breakeven call might be fine and even a light -ev call, considering utility aspects
  • DrunkMaster


    Отличное видео! Спасибо!
  • Atoks


    Interesting video. I'm eager to see the next part(s). I guess everyone is trying to outplay everyone in some of the higher staked games. Probably always a good idea to not massive-multi-table these games so that u can take good notes and good reads and consequently make good plays. Keep em coming plz :)
  • fatfish150


    А чо на старзах много таких колящих пуши в начале на А3s в турнирах за
    70$ ??? Тогда мы идём к Вам :)))))))
  • FinalTableTillus


    lol donkaments!
  • polo75


    "je shove parce que j'ai envie d'aller me coucher"

    ah, c'est ca un vrai pro...
  • Qwertz321


    one of little's videos more on the bad side... while replaying the tourney why do u so often cannot remember what u did? weird stuff :-/
    sound is not good also
  • label55


    il dit pas ca du tout, il dit :
    "ok je shove et jv me coucher si je perd , ou je shove et j'ai une chance de gagner le tournois si ca passe"
  • Vovan4ek


    в ребайниках, турбинах, сателитах и т.п. Всегда пушу первую руку, если это 99+, АQ+, очень часто инста колят на всяком мусоре, типа А5...
  • JonathanLittle


    A check behind would be fine 13 minutes in. Really, betting is probably best. As for the A4, I like to gamble. I dont know what else ot tell you. :-) Actually, I think he will fold a ton. Simple as that.

    I know this video looked super spwey, and it was. Usually when I sit down late at night and want some quick action, I find some 6 mac turbo tournament, load it up, and gamble early to get a stack or bust fast. That is what this was. Obviously, that isnt the most +ev way to play a tournament but it does help maximize hourly rate plus happiness equity.
  • NatRPheM


    There are just nobody else I want to see videos of than you, always entertaining and just so insanely useful. Your honesty is what is the absolute best thing about your videos. Great teacher!