Aggressive Play - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Shorthanded
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In his new series, Hasenbraten analyses the play of an English community member, starting with his stats and a session review.


Acting Aggressive User Session Review

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  • luvmeluvme


    i love poker sooo much
  • WhoWee


    min 21:00: dumme situation, aber wie kann ich mir fast 30% equity anrechnen um zu callen?!? was soll hier pushen? jeder K (mit FD), bessere 8x-combos schlagen uns alle...und wir schlagen mehr oder weniger nur purebluffs...?! (+FDs, die er wohl aber schon am flop geraist hätte..). ich hätte turn etwas kleiner gebettet und auf push gefoldet...oder seh überseh ich da was?!
  • Blackjed


  • Eivissa


    nice video.
  • XblXbl


    а когда пе5ревод будет?? очень интересно послушать
  • LadyMachiavelli


    the A9 in 31:30 .. why not check behind turn and call river ? you actually loose exactly the same amount (checking behind turn + calling river valuebet) + get information on showdown of his hand .. this way you loose it with no information at all and even make it impossible to call a river bluff with busted clubs
  • TUAoravannac


    nice video. very good statements to some difficult spots.
  • hasenbraten


    this would overall be an option but actually i dont really want to call a riverbet in here even if clubs bust since i have no clue about his bluffing frequency + i simply dont see him bluff therefor we have easy-to play line with only little room for misstakes
  • LadyMachiavelli


    Thanks for the reply, my point was that even if he never bluffs, you still pay the same amount, but using my line -> check behind turn + call river you have additional value in seeing the showdown for the very same price, and if he bluffs sometimes, thats even better
  • erptech


    @ lady, i kinda agree, my plan was to check back and call any river, but is it really worth giving him opportunity to complete his clubs draw?
    However, in this particular case, I would still rather check and call the river, bcs str8 got there as well, and he can really C/R you often, even as a bluff or semibluff
  • tulor


    Да переведите же кто-нибудь братана!)