70$-SH-Turbo - Part 2/3

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $75
  • Shorthanded
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JonathanLittle played a $70 Turbo Tournament on PokerStars. He explains his loose play on the bubble and shows you, with what hands and for what stacksize you should push, especially when you play SB vs BB.


PokerStars Session Review SH MTT $70-Turbo

Comments (17)

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  • kammikammerl


    Have fun with Jonathans hitting skills also in the second part!
  • Pharaoh23


    rly loved this part, sometimes it's funny to hear you trying to remember why you did something that you see in the video ;-) but although a rly rly nice vid
    very good content and very good entertainment
  • Duodax


    very bad pushes also in bubble phase,

    fold or raise, but not allin for over 20xbb with crap...
  • Bjoerniboy


    wow, bad video
  • 6yryndyk


    Как так может заходить, это нереально просто..Играешь, хорошая дистанция, а всё равно ничего не получается, до призов дойдешь, кулер или переезд и так постоянно, а тут посмотришь...мда...
  • russianlucker


    он специально выбрал такую сессию наверно :) ЧТОБы интересно было
  • russianlucker


    жестоко он прессует на бабле )
  • JustgAMblin


    interesting style.
  • kammikammerl


    @Bjoerniboy: If you could post hands here which have been misplayed in your view, I would contact Jonathan to give a comment. Your comment is not very helpful for everybody.
  • Duodax


    explain the direkt pushes pls, any good strategy behind it or misklick?=+in the bubble phase
  • Krenobelo


    where can i get your chart?
  • 00Visor


    The chart is designed for real HU-Play (not SB vs BB in Tourneys). Especially late in Tourneys (right before and at the final table), you would make big mistakes using the chart, mainly calling to loose.
    It also doesn't consider antes.
    So I advice against using it.

    If you have no clue at all about pushing/calling ranges, it can be an orientation:
  • torik1985


    здесь не видно нормальной игры!тупо везение!!!!!
  • madein1984


    I think, the Nash Chart was not designed espacially for real HU-play, but describes situations with 2 players in the hand. If you take away the (I guess rather small) hand removal effect, that the players that folded more likely had low cards, the pushing chart is really a good help. Little said, that the pushing chart is more useful than the calling chart. If you put 1/3 of the ante on the sb and 2/3 on the bb, the ante-problem is solved.
    Of course, there are situations, where other tactical aspects get very important. That's why he shoves T7s for over 20bb on the bubble, which is definitely not correct according to the chart. Still, I think it is a powerful help also for MTTs.
  • findelst


    ну автор известный МТТ игрок, и + в онлайн, так что вряд ли стоит его осуждать) думаю он знает что он делает
  • JonathanLittle


    Simply put, the nash chart is great for pushing and folding in nonbubble situations. The chart for sure isnt the only thing to take into account in most poker situations but it is a decent place to start when trying to figure out if you should push or fold in noonbubble situations.
  • bj355


    Someone just got a new computer background!