iPlay Nanostakes - Part 2

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  • NL SSS
  • $10
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In the second part of his series, Gerv plays a session on PokerStars using the strategy described in the Starting Hands Chart. He reviews some hands using the Equilator.


iPlay Nanostakes PokerStars series

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  • Corono


  • littlelcds


    Good Video! Comprehensive and concise!
  • TightOnTilt


    first ;-)
  • TightOnTilt


    doch nit
  • Gerv


    Thank you littlelcds!

    For the other viewers, if you got any feedback, criticism, comments well feel free to post :)!
  • anplayer01


    thankyou for enlightening me on chinese short stackers especially in late position. Since watching this i have taken much more notice of short stack donk play:)much appreciated
  • Sinnology


    I really like your videos.
    Watched both of them and as a new SSS player you helped me to much better understanding of this type of game.
    Thanks again and keep up good work

  • fLy4ik


  • eddiebaue427


    what is EV?
  • Gerv


    EV stands for Expected Value which means the number (positive or negative) you expect to profit or loss from

  • Virus242


    Good of you to show folding AQ in early position. Something I would never have done before before joining Poker Strategy. It makes sense now though. Thanks for the video.
  • stuardek


    very good movie about sss ;)
  • tomahawkpt


    This series is great, I really enjoy watching the videos.

    I have a couple comments/questions though:
    1) I noticed in the tables you're playing there are between 3 and 6 other SS players - according to the SSS articles we are "not" suppose to play in such conditions. What are your recommendation in those occasions? Should we just ignore the other SS players if we see they're not playing PS SSS?

    2) I'm new to poker and SSS, but from what I've been reading in the PS forums most poker houses are changing the min buy-in to an higher BB number - doesn't pokerstars have those limitation aswell?

    3) When do you play SSS? Weekdays, weekends, during day, late night, early morning, etc? When I play SSS (I do it during day in CET), I never find those many fishes!!! :)

    4) I noticed you made quite more profit in this video (.05/.10) than in the previous one (.01/.02). I feel pretty sick playing the 1c/2c as I get really bad beats there. Do you feel the same or it was just a coincidence?

    5) Last question, what is your prefered poker house, time of day and day of week (week / weekend) you see better results on applying the SSS on the micro-stakes? I can only play during weekdays during the day, so what do you recommend? :)

    Thanks for the vids and keep them coming!
  • Gerv


    Hello Tomahawkpt! Thanks for the compliment. To answer your questions I just numerate as you did:
    1) Related to point 2) , PokerStars have 20-50bb tables where you can play SSS on. It is then highly inevitable that you are playing on tables where there are other shortstackers present. no worries since most of them are fish afraid to lose a big stack at once! Therefore the rule of maximum amount of shortstackers is hereby defunct.

    3) I play SSS mostly in the evenings both on weekends and weekdays. Sometimes I squeeze in an afternoon session but in the summer it is moderatly difficult to find fishes

    4) If the level of play is lower you should be more happy because you will get bigger profit margins. Yes there are relatively more bad beats because you recognize 72o versus AA as bad beat but your KK vs AA as unlucky for example

    5) If you only can play during the days then you should tableselect very well but Prime time (where the most fishes are playing) is always evening

    Best regards
  • lopealcazar


    As the other one, a great help!
    My only comment, is that maybe it would be great if the videos had a little bit more extensive explanation about them, for example, pointing the new concepts or key points that the video deals with. This way it would be easier to rewatch it and look for specific concepts.
  • tryhardnoob


    "He has a giraff avatar" HAHAHAH I LAUGHED SO HARD xDDD
    -He said it as it was a big factor so funny :P
  • roopopper


    is it always better to withdraw when you have reached the limit??