Leakfinder PLO - Part 1

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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suitedeule reviews a session a user played on Mansion Poker.


Leakfinder PLO Mansion Poker series

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  • Jackalof


    Im shocked how bad the players play in mansion PLO100. Just wow. Very bad stats. Will definately consider moving there ;)

    About 6677 hand - I think 3-bet in position is way better, you don't want to play a family pot and get oversetted or something + hand is well disguised therefore can take alot of flops with c-bet in HU situations.

    Also I don't like OOP 3-bet with AA** having a very low 3-bet range.

    Nice video, looking forward to next part.
  • suitedeule


    about the 6677 hand: yes i completely agree (and say most of the things ur stating in the video) but: here we have some really fishy players in the blinds which a) means we have really high set implieds (and lower reverse implieds since they play so bad) and b) we have the button whcih enables us to pot control in tough spots and delay our raise to the turn w/ sth like bottom set on a drawy board

    about the AA** hand: its not really AA**. its single suited and somewhat connected w/ the 96 but i agree that we should first start 3betting lighter before we start to 3bet a large amount of AA pre.
  • cheff1201


    "just by betting NEUN dollars here" ;-)
  • suitedeule


  • Preaver


    Nice vid.