O Canada – Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $1000 - $2000
  • Shorthanded
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In the new series "O Canada" somnius and his friend Ivan, a mid- and highstakes pro, will show you, how they play Poker in Canada. They will analyze hands on NL $1.000+.


high stake O Canada series

Comments (17)

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  • Konti23


    Enjoy part 2 of O Canada! :)
  • TheWhiteWolf


    Очень хорошее видео - гимн понравился))).
  • Kosric


    че такое :)
  • WymHuK


    дайте позырить ;)
  • suppenkaspar


    wie geht die erste hand aus? :/
  • Baku221


    hi very nice vod :]
  • chevelle


    анализы канадцев на англицком
  • stylus20


    awesome vid! started to donk much more since i was watching your vids.
  • smokinnurse


    oh fallada, der du da hangest ...
  • Nussknacker


    hand 1:
    would you barrel any River?
    Though it doesnt make that much sense raising there; would you call a River raise on this card? On other cards given you do bet the River?
  • Nussknacker


    additionally: whats your vbetting Range on the River? If you assume he doesnt raise a Q on the Flop, why would lead out with a valuehand when you dont expect to get called by worse?
  • Schorscheee


    why do you 3bet 43s ofp against a player who likes to call 3bets and move postflop?

    anyway great video as always :)
  • rootsanarchy



    nuff said :)
  • Spitzbuben


    AJo hand.
    against the range you wanna fold out on the flop you earn more money by lettin it cbet.
    i would call you with any pair on this river, especially with the odds ure offerin - for the same reasons youre bettin.
  • Somnius


    #6 - if I was in Ivan's spot, I would be taking this line to rep a lot of strength, it's not something people do that often and so is going look strong. For that reason, as the hand played out, we should be betting any river except maybe a queen. Following, we shouldn't be calling a river raise assuming we aren't doing this much and it's going to look strong.

    #7 - our valuebetting range on the river would be anything we actually did this for value with on the flop. Perhaps an opponent would call with worse. Ultimately though it's a rare situation that will confuse our opponent and not one that necessarily needs balancing. Or occurs enough for our hypothetical balancing to manifest.
  • Somnius


    #8 - can't speak for Ivan on that one
  • Somnius


    #10 - I think Ivan had a specific read and gameplan against this opponent specifically.