Push or Fold - Part 3

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  • SNG
  • $1 - $6
  • Fullring
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In part 3 steinek talks about the push or fold period: when does it begin, the standard charts, tools for analysing ranges and how to deal with high blind limpers.


push or fold series

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  • Mugge88


    Nice video! Alot of advice for beginners especially, but also some useful information for a little more experienced players. I especially liked the last part vs limpers.
    Btw: I hope it doesn't happen too often that you mistake the push or fold buttons when playing instead of just training :P
  • uuue1


    mein erster erster
  • ikarrri


    Thanks! Waiting for the next part
  • Julia0707


    thx =)!
  • MetalistULTRAS


    sehr gut video.
    Viel danke, Steinek!
    Keep going
  • rorlegolas


    Vielen Dank. Deine Videos sind super lehrreich. Echt Klasse!!!!!
  • alexeindbaas


    Nice vid!! thank you
  • Avatars91


    Excellent series and excellent poker advice! Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much, steinek!
  • BadBeatFil


    Nice again.
    One question though. We have to pay attention at the table and take notes, as I do. How many tournements do you play at the same time?

    Grtz, Fil
  • steinek


    Hi BadBeatFil,
    I usually play between 9 and 12 tables and can still take notes. This is on the one hand because I have developped my own short "note language". E.g. "l/c 15BB Q3o, 100, 22" means that I saw him limp/call for 15BB with Q3o at 50/100 blindlevel on a 22$-SnG. On the other hand, this is pure practice. The more SnGs you play the more familiar you are with most of the situations you face and the faster can you take your decision.
    So I suggest you just play as many tables as you feel comfortable with playing and taking notes at the same time and after a while you will notice there is room for another table and so on.
    Good luck!


    i have a question

    regarding using the trainer how does it fare against different buyin levels
    2dollar buy in
    20 dollar buy in
    200 dollar buy in sng's

    because its pretty clear that the game at these three levels is not similar one another
  • brydon10


    I would be out a lot of money if I tried to play 9-12 tables at this point haha! Thanks for this series it's excellent, I'm heading to the next videos.
  • kremsy


    thank you!
  • LISIN91


    where i can find these video of german
  • opatag


    where is the 4th part i wonder???
  • opatag


    ah sorry, already found
  • gp00053


    Great explanation of the push fold part of S&G's. I really liked the part about dealing with High blind limpers. Excellent job
  • denetomtom


    Excellent, thanks
  • iruzl


    movie stops at 37:49, anyone got same problem?